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Eboard 2017

President: Andrew Zgoda
Vice President: Jacob Cozzarin
Vice President: Bao Thai
Secretary: Sarah Messner
Treasurer: Melissa Barton
Conductor: Megan Detwiler

Conductor Attire: White Blouse, Black Skirt, Black Jacket, and orange belt

Accomplishments and Achievements:

First Female Conductor
Guest Conductor: Ricky the Brick
RPI visited us for the Battle of the Bands and MEGA BAND
NEW RECORD: Max Attendance at Brick City Homecoming: 140
NEW RECORD: Largest Section Attendance at Brick City Homecoming: Trumpets with 31 players
NEW RECORD: Max Attendance at GPC: 101, RIT vs RPI 10/21/17
NEW RECORD: Largest Section Attendance to date at GPC: Trumpets with 27 players at RIT vs RPI 10/21/17
Played for a St. Bonaventure vs Vermont Basketball Game at Blue Cross Arena
Painted a mural in the tunnels