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E-Board 2007:

President: Stephanie Dorn
Vice President: Mark Negro
Secretary: Amanda Preske
Treasurer: Spencer Herendeen
Conductor: Brian Abraham (Abe)

Conductor Attire: Full Tuxedo with cumber bun, tiger Print bow tie, white gloves, and white baton

Graduating Members:

Brian Abraham (Saxophone/ Keyboard)
Mark Davis
Stephanie Dorn
Tim George (Saxophone)

New Music:

Bang On The Drum
Come Sail Away
Crazy Train
Final Countdown
Imperial March
Lets Go Band
Night on Bald Mountain
Rick Roll Song
Smoke On the Water
Sweet Caroline

Accomplishments and Achievements:

Played at Blue Cross Arena
Played for Alumni Dinner at Blue Cross Arena
Played at Imagine RIT
Purchasing Two Sousaphones
Purchasing Drums and Drum equipment
Had a Conductor in from of the Band
Recruited freshman at Orientation Club Fair
Guitar Hero Tournament Fundraiser
Max Attendance at an Event: 35