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Eboard 2011

President: Gabrielle Potts
Vice President: Matt Fico
Vice President: Kelly Fidler
Secretary: Kaity Moranz
Treasurer: Dave Stoffel
Conductor: Jimmy McNatt

Conductor Attire: Orange shirt, Black Vest, Black Pants, White Tie, Bare Hands, White Fedora

DREWBA Status (three Beast Statuses - named after first recipient):

Drew Zemke (Tuba) : Earthquake

God Status: (two Beast Status):

Chris Bentivenga (tuba): Earthquake
Chris Donnelly (clarinet): Come Sail Away and obnoxious siren
Pat McVetty Mill (tuba): Earthquake
Tom Ward (trumpet): Come Sail Away Solo, Longest note

Beast Status:

Dani Campbell (clarinet): Come Sail Away
Peter Goldberg (trombone): loudest note
Danielle Grabowski (flute): You Can Call Me Al solo
Andrew Hitchner (clarinet): Come Sail Away
Zach Kirsch (trumpet): Come Sail Away Solo
Lori Liebman (flute): upside down playing
Kaity Moranz (clarinet): Come Sail Away
Corey Muench (percussion): Wipe Out Solo
Emma Nelson (clarinet): Come Sail Away
Mike Potter (clarinet): Come Sail Away
Chris Rudkin (alto saxophone): Pep Band Knowledge, loud mouth

Graduating Members:

Jon Fabian (tuba)
Matt Fico (tenor saxophone)
Mike Greco (tuba)
Morgan Killik (clarinet)
Erin Kiscelica (clarinet)
Steve McDermott (trumpet)
Pat McVetty Mill (tuba)
Mark Negro (percussion)
Mitch Quartner (trumpet)
Liz Stevens (trombone)
Pat Sweazy (trumpet)
Brooke Tower (flute)
Tom Ward (trumpet)
Drew Zemke (tuba)

New Music:

Back in Black
Billie Jean
Born to Be Wild
Boys of Summer
Crazy Train
Enter Sandman
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
Hail to the Chief
Hang on Sloopy
Living on a Prayer
Looney Tunes Theme
Poker Face
Smooth Criminal
Take On Me

Accomplishments and Achievements:

Played at all Men's and Women's Hockey Games
Played at two playoff games at the same time
Played at the womens NCAA championship Game
Played at Tiger Walk
Played at Club Fair
Played at Spring Fest
Played at Imagine RIT
Made our own Pink the Rink shirts
Participated in Wounded Warrior Project Game
Recorded the Band
Bake sale Fundraiser
Can Drive Fundraiser
Jersey Raffle Fundraiser
Reelected 3 eboard members
Max attendance at an event: 98