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E-Board 2009:

President: Hans Melhus
Vice President: Chris Donnelly
Vice President: Glenn Levesque
Secretary: Chris Gastle
Treasurer: Erin Miller
Major Conductor: Drew Zemke
Minor Conductor: Morgan Killik

Conductor Attire:
Major: Black Suit Jacket over a navy blue shirt, Black Pants, tiger print tie, Black top hat with Bare Hands
Minor: White Dress shirt, black pants, Tiger Print tie, bare hands

Beast Status:

Chris Bentivenga (Tuba): Earthquake
Pat McVeety- Hill (Tuba): Earthquake
Rachel Rattner (Trombone): Super Mario Brothers
Todd Bello (Tuba): Earthquake

GOD Status:

Karen Smith (Trombone): Super Mario Brothers

Graduating Members:

Amanda Preske (Clarinet)
Bobby Brown (Trombone)
Ken Krug (Trumpet)
Laura Birdsall (Trumpet)
Meg Maksymowich (Trumpet)
Rachel Rattner (Trombone)
Sam Yurick (French Horn)
Shannon Patrick (Tenor Saxophone)
Spencer Herendeen (Trumpet)

New Music:

Battle star Galactica
Get Ready for This
I'm a Man
Pink Panther
Tear the Roof Off This Sucker

Accomplishments and Achievements:

Played at all Home Hockey Games
Played at a Pittsford Panthers Hockey Game
Played a Double Header
Played on the Tiger Steps
Played in freezing temperatures
Travelled with Team to Albany NY for NCAA Regional Playoffs
Travelled with Team to Detroit MI for NCAA Frozen Four
Voted Student Government Performing Arts Club of the Year
Had Outdoor Rehearsals
Seen and Heard on Three Nationally Televised Games
Max Attendance at an Event: 68