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E-Board 2008:

President: Mark Negro
Vice President: Patrick Sweazy
Secretary: Amanda Preske
Treasurer: Rachel Rattner
Conductor: Mike Polimini

Conductor Attire: Black Suit Jacket over a white shirt, Black Pants, tiger print tie, fedora hat with Bare Hands

Beast Status:

Chris Donnelly (Clarinet): Longest Sustained Note
Drew Zemke (Tuba): Loudest Note
Hans Melhus (Trombone): Exceptional Facial Hair
Karen Smith (Trombone): Size to Volume
Rebecca Powell (Piccolo): Dominating a Solo
Tom Ward (Trumpet): Glass Cracking High Note

Graduating Members:

Chris Daniels
Jessie Muszinski
Julie Zepke
Pat McDermott (Keyboard)
Trevor West

New Music:

Hey Baby
Land of 1000 dances
Let Me Clear My Throat
Magnificent 7
O Canada
Star Spangled Banner
You Can Call Me Al

Accomplishments and Achievements:

Played outside Commons for Pep Band Day
Played at Women's Games
Played at Spring Fest
Travelled to Niagara University
Recorded the Band
Made Sousaphone Covers
Purchased Sound Equipment for electric instruments
Purchased mellophones
Purchased RIT Pep Band Banner
KD the Comic Fundraiser
Designed T-shirts
Electric Violin in the band
Ordered Lyres and Flipbooks
Ordered Trombone Slide Covers
Performed the National Anthems
Rick Rolled Blue Cross Arena
Max Attendance at an Event: 55