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Eboard 2015

President: Brian Besmanoff
Vice President: Steve Silkey
Vice President: Jon Theismann
Secretary: Emily O’Connor
Treasurer: Elise Walsh
Conductor: Ryan Hinkley

Conductor Attire: orange shirt, black pants, black tie
Fancy Conductor attire - orange suit jacket and pants, white shirt, black tie

Accomplishments and Achievements:

Traveled to play playoff games at Mercyhurst for the Men’s Team
Traveled to Albany for NCAA Regional Games
Played for Tiger Den Events including softball, crew, volleyball
Recorded the band
Built shelves inside the GPC Closet
Played Freebird to the delight of everyone
Attended the inaugural Buffalo Beauts NWHL game to support alums
Played at a Rochester Americans Preseason game at GPC
MegaBand with RPI at a women’s hockey game