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E-Board 2010:

President: Mitch Quartner
Vice President: Chris Bentivenga
Vice President: Matt Fico
Secretary: Laura Osselmann
Treasurer: Erin Kiselica
Conductor: Derek Erdmann

Conductor Attire: Orange Vest, White Shirt, Black Pants, Black Bow Tie, Bare Hands, black Homburg (Hat)

GOD Status:

Drew Zemke (Tuba): Fnugg

Graduating Members:

Erin Miller (Tenor Saxophone)
Hans Melhus (Trombone)
Jaspreet Dabb (Percussion)
Karen Smith (Trombone)
Laura Osselmann (Clarinet)

New Music:

25 or 6 to 4
99 Red Balloons
A Team
All Start
Beat It
Brick House
Can't Turn You Loose
Carry On My Wayward Son

Accomplishments and Achievements:

Played at all Men's and Women's Home Hockey Games
Played at two Hockey Games at the Same Time
Played at the Rochester Rhino's Game
Played at a Basketball Game
Played during a Nationally Televised Game
Played at Spring Fest
Played at Imagine RIT
Travelled with Team to Cornell University
Travelled with Team to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Designed and Sold New T-shirts and Sweatshirts
Designed Senior Patches
Recorded the Band
Bake Sale Fundraiser
Can Drive Fundraiser
Jersey Raffle Fundraiser
Re-worked the Constitution
Voted Student Government Performance Arts Club of the Year
Max Attendance at an Event: 82