Events FAQs

How Early Do I Need to Register My Event?

Your event has to be registered at least 4 business days in advance, but it is recommended that you register your event about 4 weeks prior to the date of your event to ensure confirmation of requested services.

Large-scale events should be registered as early as possible.

Does RIT Events Reserve My Space?

When you register your event in RIT Events, it begins the process of reserving your space. If you're not sure where to start to reserve your space, stop by our office located in the Tiger Suite in the Campus Center, or email the Student Events Team at our email,, we'd love to help.

Why Do I Have to Use RIT Events?

RIT Events is here to help coordinate your event needs! The Event Management team ensures that all necessary RIT administrators or service providers know about your event and confirm that the services requested can and will be provided. RIT Events also helps ensure your event is safe and successful.

Can I Register an Event as an Individual Student?

RIT Events can only take submissions from student organizations - not individuals. Individual students cannot register events through RIT Events unless there is a sponsoring organization or department supporting the event and the student has access through their specific club or organization.

Can I Register My Event Through Email, Phone, or In Person?

The RIT Events system is now required to be completed online. You can register your event online 24/7, on RIT Events.

How Will People Know About My Event?

To have your event posted on the RIT Calendar, you should submit the Student Org. Event Form. If you need help making marketing material, the CCL Marketing Team can help you out if you make a design request. Once your event is approved, it will populate onto Campus Groups as an event page within 24 hours.