EMS Certification

What is the EMS Certification?

EMS Certification is a training opportunity for Student Affairs-recognized clubs and organizations to improve their understanding of event management services (EMS). After this training, students acquire valuable insights into the event reservation system.

Each organization can have up to 5 members with access to request reservations on EMS (reserve.rit.edu). Each student must obtain a score of 80 or higher in order to receive EMS user access.

  • Accessing EMS Certification

    You can access the EMS certification via this website link: EMS Certification Presentation. This certification is offered in a self-paced Google Slides format. Upon completing the presentation, you will have the option to take the graded quiz by simply clicking on it within the presentation.

  • Deadline

    We are excited to announce that the EMS Certification is now live and accessible to all students with EMS privileges. To ensure continued access to EMS reservations, all eligible students are required to complete this certification by October 16th at 2 p.m. Failure to do so may result in the temporary loss of reservation privileges.

    Please note that the EMS certification will remain open year-round but will officially close on May 1st for the academic year 2023-2024. Organizations requiring changes to EMS user access can utilize the EMS certification for this purpose.

  • FAQ's

    1. What is the EMS certification for?

    a. The EMS certification is for ensuring that students are familiar with using EMS (Event Management System) for student organization reservations and event planning.

    2. Who needs to complete it?

    a. All students with or who will need EMS access will need to the complete the certification.

    3. When is the deadline?

    a. The deadline for completing the EMS certification is October 16th at 2 p.m.

    4. What happens if I miss the deadline?

    a. Missing the deadline may result in the loss of reservation privileges by the certification is open all year around.

    5. How do I complete the certification?

    a. You can complete the certification by following the provided process, linked above in ACCESSING CERTIFICATION.

    6. Do I need to renew it each year?

    a. The certification will need to be completed annually for EMS users.

    For any further questions, please email studentevents@rit.edu