Event Planning Process

Definition of an "Event"

A student club or organization event is any program or function that is planned, sponsored, co-sponsored in the name of, under the auspices of, or for the sake of, the recognized student club or organization. Any gathering of its members acting together may be considered a student club or organization event.

Access to Submit Events & Reservations

Access to the RIT Events system is restricted to designated officers of student clubs and organizations. To update your organization's officer access, please complete this form. If your organization is new to the system, you will need to request a group be created and access provided- please complete this form.

Event Request Timeline

Event request must be submitted to the RIT Events system a minimum of four days in advance. If your event needs any services such as tables, chairs, sound, security, etc., it must be submitted a minimum of seven days in advance. Catering requests must be completed a minimum of ten days in advance.

The Process

Step One

As a student club or organization, discuss program and event ideas that fulfill the mission of your organization. Determine preferences for size, scope, dates, locations, and times for the events.

Step Two

Review the budget of your organization and ensure you have the funding available for any program or event ideas. Refer to the Campus Life Financial Certification Content for information on fundraising and requests for additional funding from Student Government or the Division of Student Affairs.

Step Three

Review the information for RIT policies, procedures, and guidelines that pertain to hosting events on campus.

Step Four

Review available spaces for your preferred event dates on campus events on the reservation system at RIT Events.

Step Five

When ready, submit your event request at RIT Events. Choose the correct reservation template for the type of space you would like to reserve. Be sure to include time in your space reservation for any set-up or clean-up needs. If any services are needed from Facilities Management Services, Tech Crew, University Production Services, RIT Catering, or Public Safety, be sure to request those in your event request submission.

Step Six

For off campus events, submit those requests at RIT events. Choose the reservation template for Request Off-Campus Event and Travel– Student Org to submit these event requests.

Step Seven

For virtual events, submit those requests at RIT events. Choose the reservation template for Request VIRTUAL Meeting/Event - Student Org to submit these event requests.

Step Eight

Once requests are submitted, they will be reviewed by space owners, services providers, and the Center for Campus Life to ensure the space is available for your event, the services can be provided, and that the event fits with the mission and goals of your organization and the university. The Center for Campus Life will approve or deny all student organization events.

Step Nine

Be sure to monitor your email as space owners, service providers, and the Center for Campus Life may email you with important questions about your event or with information on policies and procedures that apply to your event.


Contact the Student Events Team at studentevents@rit.edu