The Rochester Theta Corporation

The Rochester Theta Corporation (RTC) is the alumni house corporation for Phi Kappa Psi - New York Theta chapter. Typically, we would own the chapter house and take care of it as a "landlord" but the chapter does not own its own house, we support the current chapter house on RIT Greek Row by providing for new furniture, technology, kitchenware, etc. We also host major alumni weekends (like the 2017 Alumni Weekend XXV) and in general provide support to all ongoing fundraising, networking, and scholarship efforts connected with the chapter.

The RTC board is comprised of 6 volunteer alumni, each with a 3 year term.


Nick Goddard - '10

Vice President

Justin Blais - '06


Nick Bucci - '10

Fundraising & Engagement

Trevor McClenon - '12

House Manager

Luke Kehrli - '13


Dylan Boberg - '15

If you wish to contact RTC about anything, please feel free to reach out through the contact page.