The year started with a record-breaking Winter Warrior and the chapter is trying to do the same for Mud Tug this fall!

Phi Psi breaks world record for most computers donated in 24 hours

Newly initiated, Pledge Class 70

Pledge Class 69 Initiated

 Advanced issues found

Supporting Alpha Sigma Alpha's Heel Violence Walk

Pledge Class 68 Initiated

The pinning of Pledge Class 66

Brothers Raul Ramos, Rajab Curtis and Chris Brown doing work at Winter Warrior

Brothers at the last Cabo trip

Brothers at the GAC held in 2016

Doing philanthropic work at Lollypop Farms

2015 President's Cup Winners

The pinning of Pledge Class 67

Brothers on a brotherhood paintball excursion

Brothers having a fabulous time doing community service work at Lollypop Farms

The brothers and advisors of New York Theta celebrate Thanksgiving 2016

The pinning of Pledge Class 64

Brothers and potential members doing work for Autism-Up

Brothers painting the rock with Pledge Class 65

Doing work at the Chile fire station

The pinning of Pledge Class 65

Pledge Class 65 guarding the Greek Rock on campus

Doing community service with the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon & Zeta Tau Alpha

The pinning of Pledge Class 63

The pinning of Pledge Class 60

Brothers doing community work September '13

The pinning of Pledge Class 61

Alumni getting ready for a great time at Alumni Weekend XV

Brothers having a good time on a sunny day in September 2012

Celebrating Constitution Day Sept '12

A picture to hallmark our 20th Alumni Weekend

Brothers of many generations - Bill Bernhard(Pledge Class 5), Ricco McFarlane (Pledge Class 55), Bennett Kearney (Pledge Class 52)

Brothers on the 2012 Cabo trip

Brothers getting ready before a Semi-Formal

Our 2012 Christmas Card

Wrapping up gifts for under-privileged children before Christmas

Brothers before our Christmas Party '12

Celebrating the life of our fallen brother Brian Bauer

New York Theta alumni celebrate Christmas together

2010 trip to Cabo

2010 Fall Spaghetti Dinner

The 2010 Greek-Week Cookoff

Brothers participating in the 2010 Heart Walk

The pinning of Pledge Class 50 circa January 2010

Brothers at the 2010 Polar Plunge

Building houses for Habitat for Humanity

The first annual Winter Banquet

Brothers playing a friendly game of football circa Winter '09

Pledge class 49's pinning night

The semesterly spaghetti dinner held at the end of every rush week

Brothers looking classy before our 2009 Formal

Brothers making a group effort to build the pond outside of our chapter house

Brothers showing support for the RIT Hockey team

Playing frisbee at the 2009 IFC Kickoff BBQ

Another successful Mud Tug circa 2009

Building houses for Habitat for Humanity

Planting trees for the community

Sorting books on Halloween

At the event "Rock and Joust"

Helping out at the Salvation Army

Cleaning up the highway for the community

September Greek Luau

Potential members getting bids during Bid Night of Spring '08

Posing for a photo after a fun day of riding dune buggies on the beach

Brothers taking active roles in the community by adopting a highway in 2008

Pledge class 47 is introduced into pledgeship during their pinning night

Brothers having a great time at the 2008 Formal

Another successful Mud Tug taken place in 2008

Our 2008 Thanksgiving dinner

Brothers and their dates having a great time dancing at the 2008 Christmas party

Brothers looking sharp at the 2007 Formal

The wrap-up of Mud Tug in 2007

Alumni Weekend 15 - 2007

Brother Justin Blais receiving a gift from Santa Claus at our 2007 Christmas party

The introduction of Pledge Class 41 in 2006

Brothers having a cookout on Halloween weekend 2006

Brothers at the GAC held in 2002

Pledge Class 28 during their pledging period in 2001

Pledge class 11 welcomes Phi Kappa Psi alumni at Alumni Weekend 1998

The famous Crest from 185 Perkins, our original house

2nd annual Mud-Tug event in 1997

1992 football matches between RIT organizations

We won in the 1992 Football Tournament. Special thanks to brother Ken Way

Pledge Class 5 was welcomed to the Fraternity

1992 football match against the campus Fraternity Phi Kappa Tau