Campus Life: Clubs and Organizations

Campus Life Clubs & Organizations bring students of similar interests together and provide them with opportunities to become effective leaders. These groups enhance the quality of student life by fostering social interaction, leadership development, school spirit and an affinity to RIT. Clubs & Organizations promote activities, diversity, service, and learning outside of the classroom. For more information or questions please contact

Tiger Suite Front Desk

Campus Center 1610

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

What can you do here?

  • Turn in requests for checks, petty cash or reimbursements done via direct deposit and pick them up once available.
  • Make appointments with the Club Administration Staff.
  • Pick up forms (EAF, tax exempt forms, etc.), and packages.
  • Have t-shirt designs and flyers approved.
  • Get a club statement printout and account balance.

What the Front Desk Does Not Do:

  • Make room reservations.
  • Accept cash or check deposits. Those should be put in the Student Organization Drop Box (03-1029) across from the Welcome Center Desk .

Tips & Tricks!

  • Make sure your club's trip has been submitted for the RIT Events process before seeing financial advisor.
  • Please plan your events early (Travel as early as 2 months).
  • Check RIT Events to access various forms and documents.

Common Questions

How do I submit an design approval or request to the Campus Life Marketing team?

Please fill out the design approval and request form.

How do I make an appointment to meet with a Campus Life Clubs team member?

Please call the Center for Campus Life at 585-475-4111 or send us an email at to set up an appointment with any staff member.

Who can make space reservations and event requests?

Student groups, staff, and faculty can reserve rooms on campus, including those in the Campus Center, SAU, classrooms, and outdoor space. To make a reservation, go to Only five (5) members of your organization can have access to reserve space. If you need to change who has access, please fill out the EMS Access Form.

How do I fill out an EAF for my club/organization?

Find your group's page on CampusGroups and go to "Money" and look at your accounting book. From there all of your transactions will appear. There will be a button on the right that says "Payment/Budget Request" that will take you to the EAF. Only group members who are officers and financially certified will be able to submit expense forms!