Updates: FY21 Budget Allocations & Virtual Tiger Activities Fair 2020!


Finance Certification is now LIVE!

As a reminder, any individual that wants to complete a finance transaction for their student club or organization must first complete the finance certification.

How do you complete it?

  1. Go to https://campusgroups.rit.edu/clubs/student-organization-finance/
  2. Read through the Finance Certification Manual
  3. Take the Finance Certification Test and score an 80% or higher.


There has been a change to our reimbursement process. Please read more about this on page 12 of the finance certification manual. Once you pass the test with an 80% or higher, you do not need to take the test again until next school year (after July 1, 2021). You can take the test more than once.

FY21 Student Club and Organization Budget Allocations from Campus Life

For student clubs and organizations that submitted a budget request last spring for this year AND were eligible to receive a budget allocation from Campus Life, this allocation is now visible in the CampusGroups “Accounting Book” under the “Money” tab. Please note the “2020-2021 Budget” allocation includes your budget allocation from Campus Life AND any available funds the club or organization had in their account with Campus Life as of June 30, 2020. The allocation and available funds are rolled up together into one total dollar amount listed under the “2020-2021 Budget” line in the Accounting Book.

EAFs are now LIVE in CampusGroups – as of Wednesday, August 19th

All EAFs must be entered into CampusGroups and approved before an expense will be permitted. As a reminder, effective last school year, all EAFs must be submitted through CampusGroups. We do not accept any hardcopy versions of EAFs.

Tiger Activities Fair - This weekend!

This fall, the Tiger Activities Fair is going virtual and will be held on CampusGroups! The fair will be held this Saturday, August 22, and Sunday, August 23 from 12-3p. You now have the ability to design your booth with posters, videos, and photos and also include a live video-conferencing link (create a Zoom link) to connect you with interested students! You have the ability to update your booth at any time but we recommend completing it as soon as possible in case you run into any issues! Please note: If you plan on having live-video conferencing Saturday and Sunday, after the fair is finished on Saturday, you will need to update the day and time you will be available on Sunday. We recommend creating a reoccurring link so you do not have to create two separate links. Reminder that you will have the opportunity to participate in the fair both days if you so choose.

Instructions on how to update and activate your booth can be found HERE. Once you have finished designing your booth, be sure to select "Yes" to List Your Booth In The Fair otherwise, your booth will not be visible to attendees. Note: you will not be able to access your CampusGroups page or booth until you have completed re-recognition for the 2020-2021 academic year. Instructions can be found HERE if you have not yet completed this process.

Important Upcoming Deadlines

COVID-19 Response Plan - Due Tuesday, September 1st

Campus Life: Clubs & Organizations

The mission of Campus Life Clubs & Organizations is to bring students of similar interests together and provide them with opportunities to become effective leaders. These groups enhance the quality of student life by fostering social interaction, leadership development, school spirit and an affinity to RIT. Clubs & Organizations promote activities, diversity, service, and learning outside of the classroom.

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