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Being a part of our active and enthusiastic team, means you're also joining a fun and caring family. Each individual on the team has the opportunity to pursue a specific interest, all the while still contributing to the overall progress of the team. We welcome all new members and look forward to not only teaching them, but also learning from everyone who decides to be a part of this amazing club!


The team aims to introduce more sustainable practices to the snowmobiling industry by modifying a stock snowmobile to have less of an environmental impact. The major deliverables for our modifications are to reduce the emissions and noise produced while maintaining or improving the snowmobiles fuel efficiency and acceleration. In short... improve the impact snowmobiles have while keeping them fun to ride!

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Nov 4, 2023 - Elaine Greenfield

RIT Clean Snowmobile Team October 2023 Newsletter

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Apr 22, 2023 - Michael Gublo

New York Snowmobiler March/April 2023

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Apr 1, 2023 - Elaine Greenfield

March 2023 Newsletter

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Interested in sustainability, manufacturing, or the automotive and powersports industry? This team is the perfect place for you to develop your skillset.
We accept and encourage individuals from every major to join. Whether you enjoy programming, electrical work, marketing or any other discipline, there's a part you can play in helping the team to achieve its goals.