About the Team

Who we are...

We are a small team of dedicated members who seek to expand their learning beyond the classroom. We focus on each individual's education by completing work as a team or in project-specific groups.

What we do...

The team participates in an annual competition, the Clean Snowmobile Challenge, hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The team designs, builds, tests, and tunes a snowmobile to compete against other university teams in event based challenges. These include acceleration, emissions, noise, and endurance. Additionally, each team must write a design paper and complete an oral presentation.


What members receive...

Personal Relationships

While working on projects, members frequently interact with one another and develop strong connections. These often become friendships and many times a member finds his/her closest friend(s) within the team ranks!

Industry Experience

The team tackles projects across a plethora of different disciplines. Whether an individual's interest is in engine assembly, project management, or even graphic design, there are plenty of opportunities to grow ones knowledge and skillset.

One of the highlighted parts about the team is that we encourage the transfer of knowledge of information between team members. Know nothing about a particular discipline but want to learn? Ask the Eboard officers to host a skill teaching session or speak to the individual(s) who knows about it.

Professional Networking

Participating in the Clean Snowmobile Challenge and attending industry related events allows members to engage in conversations with individuals from many backgrounds and in many positions. These individuals are often great resources to get information about specific companies or jobs. Additionally, these conversations may result in a co-op or a full-time job offer!