Weekly Meetings

Everyone is welcome to attend our weekly meetings, no membership required! These meetings are held each week on Tuesday at 8pm. Normally, our meetings take place in the 1829 Room in the Student Alumni Union.

Types of Members

There are three types of members within RIT Players:

  • Active Members
    • Members who have attended "half plus one" of each semester's meetings.
  • Inactive Members
    • Members who attend some meetings or events, but have not enough to be an Active Member.
  • Associate Members
    • Members who are Alumni, Faculty/Staff, or anyone else who isn't a student! These members are welcome to participate but can not be Active Members.

Why be an Active Member?

Being an active member in RIT Players has a lot of perks:

  • Ability to vote in selection of future shows.
  • Ability to vote in elections.
  • Priority for being a part of the larger social events.
  • Being a larger part of our wonderful theater family!

Can't make it to our weekly meetings? You can still be an active member! Check with the Communications Officer to find out how!