RIT Players

We are RIT's student-run theater group, producing different kinds of shows each school year. Come join us!

Here at RIT Players....

Everything we do is student-run! From the acting, directing, and choreography to the set construction, lighting, and sound, RIT students are the driving force behind our productions.

Our Productions

Each year, we put on approximately six productions that generally fall into one of three categories:

24 Hour Show

RIT Players welcomes in each new semester with the bang of A 24 Hour Show! In just 24 hours, we write, direct, tech, and perform a show! Anyone can be involved!


The classic mainstage show is performed near the end of each semester. Occasionally we will even put on two different shows in one semester!

Smaller Shows

Our smaller shows include Fringe Fest, Rochester's annual performing arts festival, The Phony Awards, our annual variety show, and Sponsored Shows proposed by club members.

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