Our Stats

Our commitment to sustainability relies on our dedicated volunteers.

In 2021, we had overwhelming support from the RIT community. For our collection, we had 269 three hour shifts filled, and for our sale we had 259 three hour shifts filled, all by amazing faculty, staff, and student volunteers!

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Total: 64,187 pounds~32 tons! That's 470 people, 222 couches, or 1,427 twin mattresses!

  • Items sold also includes food donated to Foodshare
  • Items are thrown out / recycled if they are too broken / soiled to sell or donate
  • Donation weights are estimates

Nearly 10% of our items are given to local nonprofits.

  • Misc includes: Mary's Place Outreach, Mothers In Need of Other's Ministries, Monroe County Family Court Center, Saints Place, RIT's Art House, Fostering Hope, RIT Department returns, Foodlink, Pens and Pencils, and Bridges for Brain Recovery.
  • We facilitate the donation of thousands of pounds of furniture from the dorms to Greenovation and Rochester Habitat for Humanity, but since we technically did not collect it, we did not include those weights here