Frequently Asked Questions

Collection FAQs

  • Can I still make a donation? Can you pick up my donation?

    After May 14th, we cannot accept any donations from drop-off locations. Please contact Perrin Woods ( to discuss potential alternatives for your donation. After August 4th, we cannot accept any more donations until our regularly-scheduled donation period in the following spring. Please consider donating to a local thrift store instead!

  • Can I sell items to the program?

    No, we only accept donations.

  • Where can I make a donation?

    In early May, we will be setting up collection bins across campus. There will be spots available in Perkins Green, Riverknoll, University Commons, Global Village, and on all floors of residence halls. No off-campus donation bins will be set up.

  • How do I get involved??

    We would love to have you work with us! Check out our "Get Involved" events page to find upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Sale FAQs

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    We accept cash and Tiger Bucks only. We recommend using the Student Alumni Union's (SAU) ATM to withdraw cash from your bank account, or adding Tiger Bucks to your dining account by visiting RIT's online Tiger Spend webpage or visiting an in-person Tiger Spend Reload Station.

  • Do you sell (item)?

    We sell almost everything that's donated to us! With the exception of food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, you can find just about anything a student might need.

  • What happens to unsold items?

    After the sale ends on Friday, remaining items are donated to local charities. We do not have any sales or giveaways to students after the sale ends.

  • I'm going to be on campus early- can I get a sneak peek before you start the sale?

    Sorry, but we don't allow any members of the RIT community to see the items early because we're very busy setting up tons of stuff for Sunday morning!

  • I'd like to buy something but I won't be on campus during the sale. Can you hold (item) for me until I arrive?

    We are unable to hold items or allow people to shop outside of our hours.

  • Who can come to the sale?

    Our sale is open to RIT students and their families as well as RIT staff and faculty.

Delivery will be offered on large items (fridges, freezers, etc.) and furniture purchased on or before August 24. Delivery will be completed by August 24. Primary locations delivered to include on campus housing ($15), The Hill, The Lodge, Park Point, The Province, and Apex ($20) and other Henrietta and Chili apartments within approximately a 5 mile radius ($25).

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