Goodbye, Goodbuy! is one of the largest move out programs in the country. We collect items students would normally throw out when they move out, and sell them at thrift store prices when students move back onto campus.

Since the creation in 2015, the eco-friendly program has provided jobs for students looking for leadership experience, promoted sustainability on campus, and has even gotten recognition on news stations, including an interview with the Washington Post! All funding generated from the program gets put back into the program to cover the cost of student wages and equipment, with leftover funding used to fund student run sustainability initiatives on campus.

April-May 2014

Enid Cardinal and Nim Dhillon, working in a recycling co-op, organized a last-minute collection of food and toiletries in the dorms during Spring Semester move-out.

May 2014

Nick Giordano signed up for one shift on Saturday on his own, and didn't realize they weren't collecting everything, and collected 25 boxes of misc. goods, furniture, and clothing.

Early Sept 2014

Nim Dhillon and Nick Giordano begin brainstorming how to bring a move-out collection program to RIT, connect with Faye Christoboro from the Post-Landfill Action Network for guidance.

Oct 3-4 2014

First Zero-Waste Conference at UNH, held by PLAN. RIT was the largest school in attendance, and Nick and Nim got information to start working on the RIT program.

Oct 30 2014

Nim adds petition of support for move-out collection and move-in sale program to PawPrints.

Jan 2015

Nick Giordano starts newly-made co-op for Kurt Ingerick and Enid Cardinal to set up the program and have its first run in the Spring.

Spring 2015 - Now

Since the original collection, the program has collected over 100 tons of usable items and saved students a huge amount of money in the process!