Time to downsize? Do it sustainably.

There's a reason "reuse" comes before "recycle" in the three R's of waste management. Reusing manufactured goods saves energy that would be needed to recycle, and no recycling process is 100% efficient. Goodbye, Goodbuy! helps members of the RIT community get rid of used possessions and helps get those items to someone who could still use them, diverting large amounts of useful goods from the landfill every year.


2024 Donation Opportunities

Spring Collection

As in previous years, Goodbye, Goodbuy will hold a longer donation period at the end of the 2024 Spring semester. Donations will be collected from May 2nd-May 12th.

Volunteer with us!

Bike Donations

Do you have a bike that you no longer have use for? Consider donating it to Goodbye, Goodbye! During collection, we accept bikes at any outdoor donation bin, or at our collection headquarters.