Study Strategies Lab

Study Strategies Lab (ACSC-63)

This hands-on course is designed for students interested in maintaining and practicing their study strategies and organization skills with regular support and feedback from an instructor. Enrolled students should expect to review habits and goals as they relate to academic success including time management, study skills, and motivation. Prerequisites apply.

Prerequisites (one of the following)

  • CRPG-061 CRP Academic Strategies (exiting CRP students are automatically enrolled)
  • ACSC-061 Applied Study Strategies
  • ACSC-062 Insights on Success
  • ACSC-064 Essential Study Techniques
  • SLSA/HEOP-060 HEOP Study Skills
  • Instructor-led Academic Coaching
  • DDI Summer Experience (case by case)


  • 14 weeks
  • 1 session per week
  • 50 minutes each session
  • 14 contact hours
  • Reminder lessons and time for students to work on study strategies including time management and academic organization

This course is best for students who would like a structured time each week to work on study strategies, time management, academic organization; Students may enroll in more than one section within a semester for additional structured time on their schedule. The intent of this lab is to allow students time to work on academic organization and for study activities and techniques. Students wanting time to complete homework assignments should consider alternate time outside of this lab/course.

Academic Success Center

Monroe Hall, Second Floor

ASC Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.