Essential Study Techniques

Essential Study Techniques (ACSC-64)

Designed with multiple start points in the semester, this course is geared toward students who are not experiencing success in their current credit courses due to study skills, time management, and/or academic organization. Students enrolled in this course will explore and practice essential study techniques and time management skills as they relate to the current credit courses in which students are enrolled. This course is not designed for students whose academic struggles are caused by attendance or participation challenges.


  • 50 minute sessions
  • 14 contact hours each semester
  • Some sections 14 weeks (1x/week) - starting week 1 of the semester
  • Some sections 7 weeks (2x/week) - starting in week 5 or 8 of the semester
  • Section 3 starts week 1 for 7 weeks (2x/week)

This course is best for students who seek/need foundational skills for study and time management and has fewer topics and less contact time than Applied Study Strategies (ACSC-61). This course is intended to allow students to start mid-semester and gain strategies to maintain or improve grades within the semester.  The intent of this course is to introduce students to study strategies when needed within a semester. Students entering with failing grades in credit courses at mid semester may be short on time to raise those to passing grades by semester's end.

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