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Student Life Team Mission Statement:

The Student Life Team is exceptional in its success in supporting, advocating for and with, and challenging deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, deaf disabled, and late deafen college students, while establishing and maintaining an ethic of care and concern for and in this environment. All of this leading to a significant and positive quality of academic and social life on campus.

The Student Life Team (SLT) challenges and educates all deaf and hard-of-hearing students, providing resources and support for their successful transition throughout college and after graduation.

SLT's collaborations with the NTID Counseling and Academic Advising Services Department, NTID Center on Employment, NTID Student and Academic Services, RIT Department of Public Safety and several offices across RIT's Division of Student Affairs ensure that students are provided diverse opportunities to optimize their collegiate experiences.

SLT's co-curricular and late-night educational programming, spiritual/religious and civility exploration workshops, self-advocacy and community accountability mentoring programs, social and cultural programs, fraternity and sorority event collaborations, and club/organization advising are avenues of outreaching and networking with deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

SLT values its ongoing partnership with RIT/NTID alumni to offer every student a greater sense of his/her purpose as a global citizen.

Our Team

Rebecca McGregor Profile

Rebecca McGregor

Program Coordinator
Suyun Hu Profile

Suyun Hu

SDC Student Assistant
Sarah McCormick Profile

Sarah McCormick

Assistant Director
Tim Albert Profile

Tim Albert

Samson Cottam Profile

Samson Cottam

Social Media Specialist
Joanne Galvez Dollhopf Profile

Joanne Galvez Dollhopf

Program Coordinator
Laniece Oliver Profile

Laniece Oliver

Multicultural Student Leader
Jess Whitehouse Profile

Jess Whitehouse

Program Coordinator
Elsie Essex Profile

Elsie Essex

Social Media Specialist
Mya Malone Profile

Mya Malone

Social Media Specialist
Emma McKinney Profile

Emma McKinney

Social Media Specialist
Jayden Orlang Profile

Jayden Orlang

Multicultural Student Leader
Marisa Montoya Profile

Marisa Montoya

SDC Student Assistant
Matthew Otte Profile

Matthew Otte

Multicultural Student Leader
Bella Sellers Profile

Bella Sellers

Community Student Leaders
Lourdine Jordonne Profile

Lourdine Jordonne

Community Student Leaders
Eve Murphy Profile

Eve Murphy

SDC Student Assistant
Anastasia Mena Vergara Profile

Anastasia Mena Vergara

Community Student Leaders
Braden Ketchum Profile

Braden Ketchum

SDC Student Assistant

E: studentlifeteam@rit.edu
P: (585) 286-4629

NTID Student Life Team

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