Frequently asked questions

I have never done yoga before. Will it be too much for me?

No! Power vinyasa yoga is a practice where anyone, from being a beginner to a 10 year experienced yogi, can feel comfortable in the same room doing the same practice. Our intention is the community we create here at Power Yoga RIT, and anyone wanting to be apart of that community is always welcome with open arms. You are ready now!

What do I need to bring?

You, your mat (if you have one), and a water bottle to stay hydrated! If you have a mat we encourage you to bring it, if not, there are some mats to borrow.

Is there any requirements needed to be a Member?

No! There is no minimum amount of events that you need to attend to maintain membership. We encourage you to come when you feel that you need the benefits of a practice. There is also no fee required but there will be optional fundraising events throughout the semester.