April concern forum

International Student Concerns Forum

April 9, 2021 - Meeting 1

Present Members: Isabel Lopez (Global Union President), Sri Charitha Velamuri (SG Graduate Senator), Jeff Cox (Director of International Student Services), and Paul Keller (Director of International Enrollment)

Concerns presented to Global Union at March Integrated Meeting and via email - brief descriptions and responses:

Burmese Student Support

Burmese student brought forth concerns about challenges being faced due to their countries current state. Statements of support sent out by both Global Union and International Student Services (ISS) which included multiple on- and off-campus resources. ISS hosted an open meeting for all Burmese students on Friday, April 9th specifically for any other concerns. ISS and Financial Aid have worked with students to identify any possible support (need/case by case basis).

ISS encourages students to continue coming to them first and they will direct them or reach out to other sources if needed.

Paul Keller and Jeff Cox have met with the student who initially brought concerns and have connected the student with a number of services including the Student Employment Office.

Fullbright Student Job Security Concerns

Student reached out to SG Graduate Senator via email with job insecurity comments and concerns. Information was passed onto ISS Director and Assistant Director - Jeff Cox and Megan Kless. ISS encourages students to use the Career Services office as a resource which is able to help both undergrad and grad students and provide tools to find jobs, regardless of visa type.

Reminder that most J1 students have a "2-year residency" in their home country agreement. Also, important to remember that most multinational companies are more aware of this requirement and are more willing to hire these students. Other strategies that ISS can suggest and wants students to keep in mind - possibly, some companies can transfer you for that residency period and could bring you back long term.

There are many different options students can look into and ISS can help prepare these students for these situations.

Global Union in collaboration with the Student Government Graduate Senator will continue to receive concerns from the international student community. Any concerns can be brought to Global Union's monthly Integrated Council Meetings or through email. Concerns, comments, or any questions can be directed to globalunion@rit.edu or sggrad@rit.edu.