User Experience

  • Our Locations

    RIT FoodShare has two locations:

    FoodShare West - 113 Riverknoll

    FoodShare East - Mark Ellingson Hall, Room 1050

    Our operating hours are listed here.

  • Entrance

    When you enter FoodShare, you will be greeted by one of our FoodShare Assistants. If you are unfamiliar with our procedure, they are more than happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you have.

  • Grocery Room

    In our Grocery Room, you can find a variety of boxed and canned goods to choose from. You can take 5 items from the grocery room per day.

    You will also see three fridges in the room. There are two vegetable and one fruit fridge. We receive donations from Flower City Pickers, Lori's Natural Foods, and campus partners throughout the year which allows us to provide produce to our users.

  • Bern's Closet

    Bern's Closet is another resource at RIT FoodShare West which has numerous clothing items available. The history of Bern's can be found here. You can make an appointment here or feel free to just stop by.

    There are two clothing rooms available which have pants, jackets, shirts, shoes, belts, ties, winter coats etc.

    Since our front desk workers are primarily staffing the desk during our operating hours, we ask that you make an effort to maintain the college and rehang your clothes accordingly.

  • Checking Out

    When you have gathered all your items for the day, stop by the front desk to check out. Our FoodShare Assistant will ask you to swipe your ID or provide your RIT username.

    (Note: None of your personal information is published or monitored, this is simply an internal practice that helps us track usage and identify trends.)

    You will also be asked to read off or show your items to the FoodShare Assistant so we can track all outgoing items. You will be provided a bag to carry your items, however we do encourage you to bring your bags back during each visit to promote sustainable practices.

  • BONUS: Beverage Station

    There is a Keurig and hot water kettle available in our main community space which has variety of coffee, hot chocolate and tea options. Help yourself to either 1 K-Cup, Tea bag, or Hot Chocolate Packet and enjoy!