Tips and Tricks to Renting

Renting Checklist

How much is the rent?
When are payments due and how are they paid?
What utilities are included, and which aren't?
How much is the deposit?
What is the full address? Including apartment number if applicable.
Is there a process to break the lease if needed?
Where is the laundry and is it free or paid?
What appliances are included and what are their condition?
Is there AC and/or heat? How are they controlled?
Is parking available? On or off street?
Are there smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?
Who is responsible for maintenance and what is the process to fill out a request?
Where is the garbage and recycling?
Who is in charge of snow removal?

Good Practices

Read the whole lease before signing and ideally visit the apartment in person if able.

After moving in take pictures of any existing damage.

Test all of the outlets and light switches to make sure they work.

Check all the window and door locks.

Run the faucets and the shower to check water pressure and quality.

Obtaining Utilities

Internet, Cable and Phone

Greenlight Networks (not available in all areas)

Gas and Electric
Rochester Gas & Electric

Most landlords and management companies include water in the rent cost. If this is not the case, contact the Monroe County Water Authority.

Trash and Recycling
The property manager is required to provide you with the trash receptacle. However, you may be responsible for the service. If you live in an apartment complex, you should have access to both trash and recycling containers. For more information visit your city/town's website.