Helpful Resources

2023-2024 Finance Certification
Must be completed by Student Officers who will be requesting to use group funds in the 2023- 2024 academic year.

How To:
Submit an Expense Approval Form
Step by Step guide on the EAF submission process.

Club Budget Tracking Template
Recommended resource for all Clubs and Organizations.

RIT Approved Promotional Vendor List
One of these vendors must be used when purchasing merchandise with the RIT logo or brand.

How To:
Read Club Subledgers
Recommended resource for all Clubs and Organizations. Detailed guide for Finance Subledgers.

Design Approval Form
Must be completed and attached with EAF before posters/flyers can be printed.

External Catering  Toolkit
Must be completed before requesting payment for non RIT catering.

Student Government Finance Request
Additional funding source accessible to all Clubs and Organizations.

External Sponsorship Approval Form
All sponsorships must be approved by the Center for Campus Life. This includes all types of sponsorship (ex. monetary, promotional)

RIT Van Rentals
RIT Parking and Transportation offers minivan charter/rental services for approved university related functions.

RIT 2023 Tax Exemption Certificate 
RIT updated tax exempt certificate

How To: Submit and Pick-up An Amazon Order 
Process details and timeline on submitting an Amazon order and picking up order once delivered.