Contract Resources

A contract or agreement must be used whenever your organization hires performers (such as musicians, speakers, DJs, or bands), service providers (such as catering, food trucks, or production companies), or facilities (such as banquet halls or hotels). Such arrangements are a legal obligation between the business or performer and RIT, and require the creation and signing of a RIT contract. This is even be applicable if they are performing for free.

In order to request a contract or agreement for your event to be created, please complete the applicable Contract Request Form below and read the Important Contract Information to ensure that your organization is following policy.

Speaker Contract Request Form

Request a contract for a speaker or guest lecturer.

Live Performance Contract Request Form

Request a contract for a performer such as a musician, DJ, or comedian.

Off-Campus Venue Contract Request Form

Request an agreement for a banquet facility, hotel event space, or other facility.

Services Contract Request Form

Request a contract for services to be rendered for your organization such as production, design, or photography.

Food Trucks and Catering Contract Request Form

Must be completed after reviewing and following steps of External Catering Food Kit (see Resources page) and before requesting payment.

Contract Process Overview

1. From the options above determine if your group's upcoming event will need to request a contract.
2. Submit relevant contract request form.
3. Submit EAF if using group funds to pay vendor, group or individual.
4. Your Finance Contact will reach out within 48 hours. You will likely need a completed W-9 from the vendor, group or individual and other required documentation.

Important Contract Information

  • Students are NOT permitted to sign any contracts or agreements on behalf of the University or your organization.
  • In order to complete the contracting process and payment process in a timely manner, it is recommended that the Contract Request Form be submitted at least four weeks in advance of the performance date or event.
  • University-based agreements must be used when a contract is required. The business or performer that you are contracting with may also have a document that needs to be signed. These documents must be submitted to the Center for Campus Life for review and can be uploaded on the Contract Request Form.
  • For some services, a formal university offer (bid) may need to be submitted. Clubs and organizations must never make an official financial offer on behalf of the University, or your organization, to bring a performer to campus.
  • Depending on the services being contracted, the University requires that contracted parties obtain an adequate amount of liability insurance to ensure the safety of your organization's activities. The performer or business will need to submit a Certificate of Liability with Rochester Institute of Technology included as additionally insured.
  • Other contracted services, such as catering or food trucks, may be required to submit additional documentation including copies of their health permits and catering permits.
  • Additional documentation that will be required in order to process payment include a completed W-9 form, RIT Supplier Set-Up Form, and for independent contractors, a Statement of Citizenship Form.
  • RIT employees, including student employees, may not be eligible to perform or provide services as independent contractors. Please speak with the Senior Financial Assistant in the Tiger Suite who supports your organization.