Contract Resources

Speaker Contract Request Form

Request a contract for a speaker or guest lecturer.

Live Performance Contract Request Form

Request a contract for a performer such as a musician, DJ, or comedian.

Off-Campus Venue Contract Request Form

Request an agreement for a banquet facility, hotel event space, or other facility.

Services Contract Request Form

Request a contract for services to be rendered for your organization such as production, design, or photography.

Food Trucks and Catering Contract Request Form

Must be completed after reviewing and following steps of External Catering Food Kit (see Resources page) and before requesting payment.

Contract Process Overview

1. From the options above determine if your group's upcoming event will need to request a contract.
2. Submit relevant contract request form.
3. Submit EAF if using group funds to pay vendor, group or individual.
4. Your Finance Contact will reach out within 48 hours. You will likely need a completed W-9 from the vendor, group or individual and other required documentation.