I Am ALANA 2021: More than ALANA

Aesthetically, we, as ALANA students are constantly represented the same way with a bunch of colors. A lot of times at a PWI, we end up being put into a box only for our race or only being seen as the ALANA students, or the Black student in class, or the Spanish student in class, etc. We stick out already by just being identified as ALANA and people who are unable to see beyond our race tend to forget we are regular people, too. We have other interests and there’s all these things put on us or assumed or just generally come from dealing with the classification of race, and there are other ways that people can identify themselves. This campaign is chance for us to have our students shine. Although it is beautiful seeing us and all our different colors, we are so much more and we offer so much more than race. Diversity efforts, although they are good, they can be kind of restrictive when you only do it through that [race].