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The Officers of the Society of Physics Students at RIT are voted into office through a department-wide election sent out to all undergraduates and graduates in physics to ensure the best possible representation of the student body.


The SPS Officers for the 2022-2023 School Year:


President: Jason Holland - 4th Year Physics B.Sc. - jih8101@rit.edu


Vice President: Keegan Tonry - 3rd Year Physics - kst9867@rit.edu


Secretary: Kayleigh Patterson - 4th Year Physics M.S./B.Sc. - kmp4285@rit.edu


Treasurer: Maggie Emig - 4th Year Physics B.Sc. - mme5991@rit.edu


Public Relations Officer: Anna Dignan - 4th Year Physics B.Sc. - ard9950@rit.edu


PAC Master: Jack Ryan - 4th Year Physics B.Sc. - jar4319@rit.edu


Underclassman Officer: Myrra Small - 2nd Year Physics B.Sc. - mrs1407@rit.edu


Women in Physics & Astronomy Officer: Rae Mailly - 3rd year Physics B.Sc. - rem2086@rit.edu


Congratulations to the Officers of SPS!