RIT Student Chapter

"As an internationally recognized standards organization, SMPTE provides a vital technical framework to the industry. Its more than 800 standards, recommended practices, and engineering guidelines touch nearly every piece of motion-imaging content consumed by billions of viewers worldwide. SMPTE standards ensure that this content is seen and heard in the highest possible quality on any display screen, while they enable repeatable workflows for content creators and distributors, as well as the manufacturers who support them."

Events & Activities

The RIT SMPTE chapter holds bi-weekly meetings, workshops, and other educational events for all students.

Exclusive Resources

Regular workshops provide students with experience using the same tools and workflows found in the entertainment industry.


Members have opportunities to network with each other, alumni, and other professionals working in the industry.

RIT SMPTE Student Chapter

SMPTE is the global society of media professionals, technologists and engineers working together to drive the industry forward.

Join us for meetings in the Baselight Color Correction Suite (MSS-2160). No knowledge or prior experience is required to attend.

SMPTE Membership

SMPTE RIT has an open membership. Anyone can join! We encourage that all members also become SMPTE members at www.smpte.org.