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Club Vitae

The ancient art of Hacky Sack, also known by other names such as Footbag, Bean Bag Ballet, and Foot Folly, has been providing boundless entertainment to the masses for centuries. Through its gravitational social atmosphere, this sacred dance is said to have the ability to turn a group of strangers into lifelong friends. As a student organization created in testament to this transcendental activity, our mission is to master the art of nonchalant kicks whilst fostering an atmosphere of frivolous camaraderie. We plan to not just be mere players, but social alchemists; providing all those who wish to participate with a sanctuary away from the stresses of everyday life. No matter your athletic ability or social background, everyone is welcome to practice the sport of sack manipulation. As long as you come willing to learn, we will embrace you with open arms. Our gatherings will be a haven for ambitious souls, where the clatter of sacks on shoes is our symphony, and the chorus of laughter our anthem. So, join us in this grand quest to socialize and kick while we pen a new chapter in the annals of Hacky Sack history. We promise no foot will go unturned, and no smile unearned.









Members Benefits

Membership benefits include: Guaranteed Foot Coordination Masterclass, Exclusive Access to Expert Advice on Foot-Juggling, Being Awarded the Highly Sought-After Title: Footbag Aficionado, World-Class Leg and Hip Mobility Training, Chillin' with Cool People, and the list goes on...

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Liz Herrmann

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