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The Center for Residence Life is committed to engaging, inclusive and safe living-learning environments. We foster student success through pioneering initiatives, collaboration within our department and throughout the campus, and a focus on a respectful community, holistic development, and personal wellness.









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Ricardo Volckers Profile

Ricardo Volckers

Taylor Bower Profile

Taylor Bower

Onvida Serixay Profile

Onvida Serixay

Philip Napoli Profile

Philip Napoli

Aly Castiglie Profile

Aly Castiglie

Kayla Barrett Profile

Kayla Barrett

Ellie Wax Profile

Ellie Wax

Aidan McClellan Profile

Aidan McClellan

Mason Wahlers Profile

Mason Wahlers

Yahades Peralta Profile

Yahades Peralta

Ryan Current Profile

Ryan Current

Donovan Cataldo Profile

Donovan Cataldo

Dmitry Selin Profile

Dmitry Selin

Trishelle Hoopes Profile

Trishelle Hoopes

Brandon Rinaldi Profile

Brandon Rinaldi

Michael Sanza Profile

Michael Sanza

Jay Stephens Profile

Jay Stephens

Shandon Mith Profile

Shandon Mith

Janessa Terry Profile

Janessa Terry

Anvi Rohamare Profile

Anvi Rohamare

Jack Smerczynski Profile

Jack Smerczynski

Aadib Karim Profile

Aadib Karim

Johnny Fagerlin Profile

Johnny Fagerlin

Victoria Greever Profile

Victoria Greever

Shyanne Cortes Profile

Shyanne Cortes

Alexis Borzelleri Profile

Alexis Borzelleri

Ericka Chen Profile

Ericka Chen

Faria Sultana Profile

Faria Sultana

RG Striffler Profile

RG Striffler

Jonathan Bateman Profile

Jonathan Bateman

Showmik Bhowmik Profile

Showmik Bhowmik

Yusef Ibrahim Profile

Yusef Ibrahim

Zahraa Ghazle Profile

Zahraa Ghazle

Ainsley Ross Profile

Ainsley Ross

Zoe Gray Profile

Zoe Gray

Caleb Talbott Profile

Caleb Talbott

Daniel Talbott Profile

Daniel Talbott

Emilie Radle Profile

Emilie Radle

Finn Cohen Profile

Finn Cohen

Saranya Dadi Profile

Saranya Dadi

Benjamin Suarez Profile

Benjamin Suarez

Bertan Berker Profile

Bertan Berker

Jaylen Bellar Profile

Jaylen Bellar

Damian Delfino Profile

Damian Delfino

Matthew Elijah Wangeman Profile

Matthew Elijah Wangeman

Marinna Heichberger Profile

Marinna Heichberger

Maya Sullum Profile

Maya Sullum

Mia Clarizio Profile

Mia Clarizio

Rachel Rohrbaugh Profile

Rachel Rohrbaugh

Stephen Sampson Profile

Stephen Sampson

Zachary DeRoo Profile

Zachary DeRoo

Zane Warren Profile

Zane Warren

Brad Wisniewski Profile

Brad Wisniewski

Alyssa Rios Profile

Alyssa Rios

Bryan Doolin Profile

Bryan Doolin

Ashleigh Scharrer Profile

Ashleigh Scharrer

Marie Fraser Profile

Marie Fraser

Albert ( Jiro ) Hynes Profile

Albert (Jiro) Hynes

Annie Hartman Profile

Annie Hartman

Mika Orszulak Profile

Mika Orszulak

Anupa Biswa Profile

Anupa Biswa

Churchill Gwan Profile

Churchill Gwan

Nina Chambliss Profile

Nina Chambliss

Maya Quaranta Profile

Maya Quaranta

Shimanto Bhowmik Profile

Shimanto Bhowmik

Parker Flis Profile

Parker Flis

Pranav Natarajan Profile

Pranav Natarajan

Sabra Pedersen Profile

Sabra Pedersen

Zach Dimick Profile

Zach Dimick

Ari Becker Profile

Ari Becker

Hunter Boggan Profile

Hunter Boggan

Kora Lovdahl Profile

Kora Lovdahl

Noah Manning Profile

Noah Manning

Taylor Moe Profile

Taylor Moe

Rafeed Reza Choudhury Profile

Rafeed Reza Choudhury

Umana Huq Profile

Umana Huq

Alana George Profile

Alana George

Andrew Isaacson Profile

Andrew Isaacson

Brian Egan Profile

Brian Egan

Gweneth Guedez Profile

Gweneth Guedez

Anishka Merwah Profile

Anishka Merwah

Buyi Owo-Odusi Profile

Buyi Owo-Odusi

Katina Mundemba Profile

Katina Mundemba

Katie Buckley Profile

Katie Buckley

Chris Donalds Profile

Chris Donalds

Alexander Rakas Profile

Alexander Rakas

Yasmin Khandkar Profile

Yasmin Khandkar

Isabella Erickson Profile

Isabella Erickson

Mackenzie Wade Profile

Mackenzie Wade

Nidhi Baindur Profile

Nidhi Baindur

Angelina Bermudez Profile

Angelina Bermudez

Joseph Jimenez Profile

Joseph Jimenez

Madison Maniace Profile

Madison Maniace

Olivia Bryant Profile

Olivia Bryant

Maggie Lucy Profile

Maggie Lucy

Kasim O’Meally Profile

Kasim O'Meally

Snigdha Das Profile

Snigdha Das

Joseph Moran Profile

Joseph Moran

Josiah Zehr Profile

Josiah Zehr

Beck Anderson Profile

Beck Anderson

Nhyira Asante Profile

Nhyira Asante

Darrin Majocha Profile

Darrin Majocha

Quincy Myles Jr. Profile

Quincy Myles Jr.

Lucy Zhang Profile

Lucy Zhang

Antara Rahman Profile

Antara Rahman

Evan Swartvagher Profile

Evan Swartvagher

Rosa Rijo Benitez Profile

Rosa Rijo Benitez

Kayla Almonte Profile

Kayla Almonte

Parker Barnaby Profile

Parker Barnaby

Faatihah Nayeem Profile

Faatihah Nayeem

Benjamin Suarez Profile

Benjamin Suarez

Anthony Levick Profile

Anthony Levick

Elena Fuentes Solano Profile

Elena Fuentes Solano

Kimberly Perez-Morales Profile

Kimberly Perez-Morales

Jacob Wurm Profile

Jacob Wurm

Callum Smith Profile

Callum Smith

Daniel Pletenets Profile

Daniel Pletenets

Kaitlyn Catalano Profile

Kaitlyn Catalano

Alexandria Davis Profile

Alexandria Davis

Alexandria Davis Profile

Alexandria Davis

Ean Magrone Profile

Ean Magrone

Maggie Lucy Profile

Maggie Lucy

Grace Zinecker Profile

Grace Zinecker

Guerline Guerrier Profile

Guerline Guerrier

Samuel Beckmann Profile

Samuel Beckmann

Nhyira Asante Profile

Nhyira Asante

Emersen Bartsch Profile

Emersen Bartsch

Zuleyka Contreras Profile

Zuleyka Contreras

Laila Porter Profile

Laila Porter

Regan McGannon Profile

Regan McGannon

Carla Lopez Profile

Carla Lopez

Lisa Zhou Profile

Lisa Zhou

Summer Cruz Profile

Summer Cruz

Jordan Scheidt Profile

Jordan Scheidt

Abigail Brown Profile

Abigail Brown

Junior Dos Santos Profile

Junior Dos Santos

Jade Laplante Profile

Jade Laplante

Kierra Martin Profile

Kierra Martin

Gabe Arthur Profile

Gabe Arthur

Shaneil Da Silva Profile

Shaneil Da Silva

Noah Mcmullin Profile

Noah Mcmullin

Eugene Mont Profile

Eugene Mont

John Fernandez Profile

John Fernandez

Adam Lehman Profile

Adam Lehman

Alex Jones Profile

Alex Jones

Kierstin Delk Profile

Kierstin Delk

Charles Von Goins Profile

Charles Von Goins

Archit Joshi Profile

Archit Joshi

Virginia van Enckevort Profile

Virginia van Enckevort

David Goldstein Profile

David Goldstein

Lasya Josyula Profile

Lasya Josyula

Theresa Robert Profile

Theresa Robert

Jason Mahon Profile

Jason Mahon

Aaron Tomassini Profile

Aaron Tomassini

Sukie Zhang Profile

Sukie Zhang

Roshan Mathew Profile

Roshan Mathew

Hannah Savage Profile

Hannah Savage

Madison Halker Profile

Madison Halker

Joseph Moran Profile

Joseph Moran

Devan Carter Profile

Devan Carter

Shaun Woods Jr Profile

Shaun Woods Jr

David Bagley Profile

David Bagley

Laura Dougan Profile

Laura Dougan

Dhru Patel Profile

Dhru Patel

Aedan Frank Profile

Aedan Frank

Marykathrine Woodson Profile

Marykathrine Woodson

Aedan Frank Profile

Aedan Frank

Alison Thompson Profile

Alison Thompson

Devon Smith Profile

Devon Smith

Priscilla Thompson Profile

Priscilla Thompson

Elaine Greenfield Profile

Elaine Greenfield

May Ko Profile

May Ko

Lily Roberts Profile

Lily Roberts