Joining the Interfraternity Council

Week 1 of Classes

• Recruitment usually starts the first week of classes every semester. Be on the look out for IFC recruitment events and stay tuned to our campus groups and Instagram for updates

• During the Fall semester, the Tiger Activities Fair is a great way to meet the chapters; walk around all the organizations and meet the members!

Week 2 of Classes

• After the first week of classes, chapter recruitment events start. Look for rush posters hung around campus and check out chapter Instagram's for each organization's recruitment schedule.

• Go to events and have fun! Try to check out as many organizations as you can when rush starts and narrow down your choices to find the organization that best fits your values.

Week 3 of Classes

• After rush ends, organizations will give bids to potential new members who meet their standards and values. Don't be discouraged if you do not get a bid from a chapter you rushed. Every chapter is different and not every organization will be the right fit for you.

• Many organizations will have invite only events at the end of rush that can include interviews, formal dinners, and more.

Week 4 of Classes

• Sign your bid and begin the pledge process! This is the educational period (usually 5 to 8 weeks) where you learn about the chapter and it's history before you are initiated.

Why should I join Greek Life?


The connections gained through your organization, both within your university and at the national level, can have serious long-term benefits.


Some chapters raise thousands of dollars every year for their charity of choice while instilling a lasting appreciation for the value of philanthropy and community service among members.

Social Identity and Skills

Fraternity and sorority membership helps young men and women cultivate leadership skills, gain a sense of social identity, and learn to play well with others.


The opportunities for fun are nearly infinite; you are at once surrounded at all times by friends and engaged at all times in events, activities, and social connections.

Why current members have joined Greek Life:

"Theta Chi has impacted my life in so many ways. I have learned some amazing business and life development skills that will help me in the future and Theta Chi has become my home during my college career at RIT. Theta Chi has created friendships for me that will last a lifetime and I wouldn't have it any other way. Having friends I can confidently call my brothers for life is something that no amount of money can buy."

Chad Scorse

Theta Chi

"I joined Greek Life for brotherhood, the alumni network, and philanthropy. Phi Psi in particular because of their motto of the "great joy of serving others", nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than making other people smile. Greek life has given me a support system that I'm so grateful for."

Stefan Radak

Phi Kappa Psi

"I joined Sigma Chi to grow my network and meet lifelong friends. It's by far the best decision I've made here at RIT. Both the International fraternity and my local chapter have taught me invaluable skills in leadership development, communications, values based decision making, and much more. Our massive philanthropy impact is truly moving. Seeing how appreciative the Huntsman Cancer Institute is for our donations is what keeps us going. It has made me a believer that we are the generation to end cancer."

Dylan Paone

Sigma Chi

"I joined Kappa Delta Rho to grow my network of friends while simultaneously helping my community. While rushing I found that the brothers of Kappa Delta Rho were invested in the development of their brothers, as well as a strong family of friends that were inseparable. Through this I found that Kappa Delta Rho was a family that I wanted to be apart of. I have been a brother for a year and my life has already been greatly impacted. "

Dan Benedetti

Kappa Delta Rho

Frequently asked questions

  • What is rush?

    Rush is the period of time during the beginning of every semester where chapters conduct recruitment. The purpose of rush is for potential members to get to know the fraternities and for the fraternities to get to know the potential members. This way potential members can confidently join an organization knowing that they have found a good fit for them.

  • Is there a GPA requirement to join?

    Yes, academics are the reason we come to college. The Interfraternity Council mandates a minimum 2.5 GPA to join a Greek organization. Many chapters have GPA requirements above 2.5.

  • Why should I join a fraternity?

    Greek organizations are much more than the common stereotypes. When you join a fraternity, you are joining a brotherhood. That means you have a group of like-minded men to push you academically and support you throughout college and beyond. Greek organizations offer excellent opportunities to network with school alumni and get the most out of your college experience. Greek chapters at RIT also complete hundreds of hours of community service and raise thousands of dollars for philanthropy annually.

  • Is there a time commitment?

    Yes, Greek organizations typically have weekly chapter meetings and other mandatory events for members. Joining a Greek organization is a lifelong commitment. You really get out what you put in so be prepared dedicate some of your time if you are considering signing a bid.

  • What is IFC?

    IFC is the Interfraternity Council, we serve as the governing body for 12 fraternities on our campus.

  • How much does being in a fraternity cost?

    Every organization has dues which are fees paid by members to support the chapter's operations. Dues vary between chapters but are typically a few hundred dollars a semester. Many organizations offer scholarships and financial support so make sure you clarify financial obligations before you sign your bid.

  • Do fraternities haze?

    No, hazing is illegal and has absolutely no place on our campus. If you ever suspect that hazing has occurred, reach out to public safety immediately.

If you have any questions, please reach out to or, we are always here to help!