Financial Literacy - FAQ

What kinds of topics does the Financial Literacy team cover?

We provide information on just about any subject related to financial wellness. Some topics we have covered have included: budgeting, credit cards, identity theft, banking, purchasing a car, credit reports, tax preparation assistance, insurance, investing, savings and more!

Does the Financial Literacy team have an office on campus?

No, the Financial Literacy team is comprised of members who have full-time positions in a variety of departments on campus, or work in the surrounding community, and volunteer to promote financial wellness to RIT students. However, you can contact the team by emailing them at

Where can I find assistance with filling out the FAFSA, applying for scholarships or loans?

Your best resource for this comprehensive information is RIT’s Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. Additionally, you can speak with a financial aid counselor. In order to assist students in the most efficient manner possible, the counseling staff is divided into sections based on the student’s program or college. They also have a counselor solely dedicated to NTID and cross-registered NTID/RIT students. Appointments can be scheduled by calling their office at 585-475-2186.

Can someone from the Financial Literacy team meet with me one-on-one to discuss my personal circumstances?

Yes, team members are willing to meet with students to address individual questions and concerns. You can request a meeting by using our Contact Us form. Please be sure to outline your specific needs or questions so we can connect you with the most appropriate team member, or direct you to an existing campus/community resource.

How do I learn more about my finances?

The Financial Literacy Team offers presentations/workshops on many areas of personal financial management, and we welcome you to check these out. Look in the Upcoming Events section of this website for upcoming events. Another great area to learn about your finances as they pertain to RIT is the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. You could also enroll in the Financial Fitness Wellness course at RIT. Lastly, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to get tips, links to financial literacy articles, and invites to upcoming events.