Disability Culture Club

To foster a safe place for disabled students and promote disability culture at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY

Club logo description: It is a tiger paw with 4 toes which RIT uses officially as one of its logos. The paws are filled with the colors- red, yellow, blue, and green, while its palm is filled with white. The background is filled with dark grey. In the paw, it's written "RIT" on top and "DCC" at the bottom - both in orange color









About us

We are a student-run club aimed at the vast, yet broken diaspora of Disabled students at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY.  We seek to be a way for Disabled students to:

(1) build a community together,
(2) promote & properly represent Disability culture,
(3) support the Disabled community seeking justice in many intersecting ways, and
(4) advocate and make our campus a better place for the Disabled

What drives us

RIT is one of only six universities in the nation that has been named a Microsoft Accessible University, and the NTID is also known for being the most accessible college in the world for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Despite the acknowledgement of the community's existence - Stigma, stereotypes, shame, prejudice and illiteracy towards Disability and the Disabled are still rampant. Additionally, there are lot of other pressing issues faced by the disabled students, and we are not empowered together to represent ourselves and our needs. Hence as a club, we aim to build a collective of disabled students, highlight those uncomfortable truths, and work with the college and the community in general to create solutions for them.

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Contact us

Feel free to shoot us an email at dcc@rit.edu ( <-- takes you directly to GMail)
or send us a message via CampusGroups using the below option

E: dcc@rit.edu

Disability Culture Club

1 Lomb Memorial Dr
Rochester, New , 14623

Our Team

Maria Weir Profile

Maria Weir

Public Relations
Lorianne Resch Profile

Lorianne Resch

Rusty Nichols Profile

Rusty Nichols

Event Manager
Puck Doboe Profile

Puck Doboe

Event Manager
Alexa Amoriello Profile

Alexa Amoriello

Public Relations
Chase Kahn Profile

Chase Kahn

Aline Crankshaw Profile

Aline Crankshaw

Vice President
Zhavia Lovell Profile

Zhavia Lovell

DIA Coordinator
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Jaimeson Pleasants

Aimee Whyte Profile

Aimee Whyte

Anji Hamele Profile

Anji Hamele

DIA Coordinator
Myren Bobryk-Ozaki Profile

Myren Bobryk-Ozaki


The 2022 Disability Pride flag: Our club logo's inspiration

Flag description: 5 colors - red, yellow, white. blue and green - together in the same order shaped straight, starting from left top corner and ending it at right bottom corner, amidst a black background. All colors are less intensive to the eyes

The colors were inspired from the Disability pride flag created by Ann Magill. The background black signifies a color of mourning; for those who have suffered from Ableist violence, and also rebellion and protest. The rest of the 5 colors- red, yellow, blue, green and white signify the variety of disability experiences, which include Mental Illness, Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Invisible and Undiagnosed Disabilities, Physical Disability, and Sensory Disabilities