Meet the Team

CSA's Current 22-23 E-Board

Alecia Hart


"Yow, Hello, CSA Family!

I am Alecia Hart, a current third-year student studying Exercise Science. My Caribbean roots come from the home of the hummingbirds, Jamaica, of course! I am serving as your 2022-23 President. I look forward to networking with many organizations to hold informational and fun events for our general body. As my second year on the executive board as president, this gives me another chance to achieve the mission statement and build CSA's image."

Madison Thompson

Vice President

Wah gwan friends, My name is Madison; I will be the Vice President for CSA 2022-2023 academic year. I am a 4th-year Graphic Design major with a minor in Advertising & PR. I'm from Brooklyn, NY, and I'll be repping Jamaica ­ƒç»­ƒç▓ My goal for CSA is to increase cultural diversity and create a safe space to celebrate Caribbean cultures.

Raynelle Forrester


Hello everyone, my name is Ray, and I am a current 3rd-year Psychology major with an immersion in Social Inequalities. My ethnic roots are Bajan and Grenadian-Indian. As CSA's Secretary, I look forward to seeing the cultural exchange and destigmatization of the Caribbean that CSA will bring to RIT.

Avery Prince


What's good CSA fam. I'm Avery Prince, a third year Management Information Systems major and I am the returning treasurer of CSA. I was born in Brooklyn, NY then moved to Trinidad and Tobago where I lived for the the main years of my life. I plan to spread awareness as we seek to increase the club's reach on RIT's campus by hosting excellent events and spreading that Caribbean love we which to share with as much students and staff that we can.

Tianna Fuller

Graphic Designer

My name is Tianna Fuller; I'm a third-year Fine Art Photography major. My family is from Jamaica, and I'm the current Graphic Designer for CSA this year! This year I'm excited to create more visuals to build our social media presence and meet some more of my fellow Caribbean students at RIT.

Brian Morgan

Public Relations

Hey Everyone,

My name is Brian Morgan; I'm a current third-year Computer Engineering Technology Student. My ethnic roots are Jamaican and Montserratian, and I'm the current Public Relations Chair for the '22-'23 Academic Year. I look forward to learning more about the ethnic roots and traits of fellow Caribbean students within CSA.

Nirupa Dean

Event Manager

Hey! My name is Nirupa Deen, and my roots go back to Guyana. I'm a fourth-year mechanical engineering technology student and the event coordinator for the '22-'23 Academic Year. I look forward to appreciating our Caribbean students' various cultures and customs at RIT.

Mi-Andre Hughes

Event Manager

Hello, my name is Mi-Andre Hughes; I am a 4th year Civil Engineering Technology major. My position is Event Coordinator, and my Caribbean roots come entirely from Jamaica. This year, I aim to provide a space in which Caribbean and non-Caribbean students can engage in intellectual, social, and cultural exchange.

Karl Charles

Student Advisor

Hello people, My name is Karl Charles, I'm a 5th-year EMET/MMSI student. The Caribbean is my ethnic background; my parents are from the islands of Grenada and Haiti. I am the Student Advisor for CSA 2022-23. I look forward to welcoming other people from the islands and those with an appreciation for the culture.