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All 482 Academic Success Center Programs & Initiatives 5 University Arenas 0 Administrative 0 Campus Life Programs & Initiatives 26 Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement Programs and Initiatives 4 Center for Recreational Sports Departments & Programs 3 Center for Residence Life Programs & Initiatives 5 College of Liberal Arts 1 College of Art and Design 2 Golisano College of Computing & Information Sciences 5 Compliance & Ethics 1 Division of Academic Affairs 8 Division of Diversity & Inclusion 9 Division of Enrollment Management 1 Division of Student Affairs 16 College of Engineering Technology 2 Kate Gleason College of Engineering 3 National Technical Institute for the Deaf 3 Office of Sustainability 2 Performing Arts 4 Research 3 Saunders College of Business 1 Special Event 0 Student Government 1 Student Clubs & Organizations- Campus Life 258 Representative Student Organization (RSO) 5 Student Service Organization (SSO) 3 Student Clubs & Organizations: Fraternity & Sorority Life 32 Student Clubs & Organizations- Center Leadership & Civic Engagement 3 Student Clubs & Organizations- Recreational Sports 51 Student Clubs & Organizations- Residence Life 6 Student Clubs & Organizations- Academic Affairs 1 Student Clubs & Organizations- CAD 2 Student Club & Organization- COS 2 Student Clubs & Organizations- COLA 1 Student Clubs & Organizations- GCCIS 4 Student Clubs & Organizations- KGCOE 7 Student Clubs & Organizations- SCB 1 Student Clubs & Organizations- SOIS 1
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    Student Service Organization (SSO) - Art Media & Design, Photography, Professional Organization, Hobbies and Activities

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  • WITR 89.7

    Student Service Organization (SSO) - Cultural, Art Media & Design, Business & Management, Leadership, Multicultural, Special Interest, STEM, Civic Engagement, Coding and Programming, Engineering, Music, Technology, Hobbies and Activities

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