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RIT A Cappella Council is a collective of each a cappella group here at RIT. There are seven groups, each of which comes together to plan fall auditions, workshops, fun events, and all a cappella performances. The Council aims to create a uniquely positive, communicative, and cooperative a cappella community.

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RIT is home to 7 different a cappella groups. Each group has their own personality, style, history, and look. From Japanese to Barbershop to classic modern a cappella, we have a diverse array of talent.

Check out each of the groups below

Brick City Singers

Tenor-Bass voices

RIT Brick City Singers (BCS) have been active since 1999 and perform a broad array of repertoire, wacky antics, amusing skits, and just a bit of class. They've become known for their creativity on stage, as they bring a new sound to classics and "radio hit" pieces. They wear Hawaiian and look totally handsome doing it.

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Eight Beat Measure

Tenor-Bass voices

Eight Beat Measure is RIT's original A Cappella group. They pride themselves in their diverse musical repertoire, their passion for performance and their desire to inspire others. For over 30 years the group has been continuing their legacy of competing, recording and creating amazing music.

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Soprano-Alto voices

Encore has been active since 1996 and is RIT's first soprano/alto a cappella group. They perform music ranging from power ballads to 2000's classics to modern pop.

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Co-ed all voices

Kaminari, which means "thunder" in japanese, is RIT's and the United States' only Japanese A Cappella group since 2015. We are a co-ed group that sings music from Japan. Our repertoire includes J-pop, anime soundtracks, video game music, some traditional japanese music, but overall we like to cover a wide range of music and styles

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Proof of Purchase

Co-ed all voices

Proof of Purchase, known more casually by its alias "POP," is RIT's original co-ed a cappella group. While we take the group and our music very seriously, we tend not to do the same for ourselves. We like to sing a lot of pop songs, but are always looking for new "feel good" or energetic songs to sing.

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Surround Sound

Tenor-Bass voices

RIT's premier barbershop group since 2001 is reshaping the perception of barbershop music for a new generation of musicians. Surround Sound (otherwise known as SSound) doesn't just sing classic barbershop, as the group's repertoire includes pop music, several Disney adaptations, songs from video games, and other fun songs that the group enjoys singing.

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Vocal Accent

Soprano-Alto voices

Vocal Accent is RIT's newest SSAA (Soprano/Alto) a cappella group formed in 2012. With a diversity of talented young women, Vocal Accent, or VA, dives deep into the a cappella world with an empowering repertoire. The group is rooted in rock and soul with modern pop highlights.

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Our Team

Logan Mui Profile

Logan Mui

Council President
Ariel Cthwe Profile

Ariel Cthwe

Council President
Caleb Nuss Profile

Caleb Nuss

Audition Coordinator
Erica Smart Profile

Erica Smart

Events Coordinator
Nicole Em Profile

Nicole Em

Council Marketing Director
Katherine Palmatier Profile

Katherine Palmatier

Council Treasurer
Max Rollins Profile

Max Rollins

Council Secretary
Di’Monique George Profile

Di'Monique George


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All proceeds selected to go to "A Cappella Council" will be spend evenly across all groups to get better sound equipment, cover travel for gigs, bring in educational opportunities, and more!