From: OUTspoken
Date: February 14, 2020
Subject: I'm Basically an Influencer Now

The OUTspoken web banner. There are rainbow hexagons on a white background and the OUTspoken logo is placed above red, yellow, green, and blue lines.

I'm actually getting recognized by people because of these newsletters. It's kind of surreal.

So I guess whatever I'm doing is working. That's pretty neat. But for real, whenever someone mentions the newsletters or whenever someone recognizes me and says they love these weekly emails, it makes my day and makes me very happy. Okay, enough emotions and stuff. Prepare to be disappointed, because I'm tired and probably going to leave this email halfway through writing it to buy Cup Noodle from Bytes and eat in the office as my dinner. 


Wednesday, February 19
Start End   Event         Location
8:00pm 9:00pm A-Space Meeting CPC-1010/1015 Conference Room
9:00pm 10:00pm RitGA Weekly Meeting NRH-1250 Classroom (GP-P)
Thursday, February 20
8:00pm 9:00pm Labrys General Meeting SAU-2510 Mosaic
A picture of a full moon shining above a lake as the background, with icons of grey film rolls and cassette tapes in each corner of the image. White text says: The ALANA Collegiate Association presents Moonlight. February 24, 2020. Wegman's Theater. 6 PM.

On Monday, February 24th at 6:00, our RSO friends over at ACA will be hosting a screening of Moonlight at Wegman's Theater in the MAGIC Center! The poster is kinda squished in this email, but if you click the picture it will take you to ACA's original Instagram post about this, which is much easier to see. 

And now, my final remarks that I have copied from last weeks email, word for word. 
Anyway. UmmmmmmmmB, yeah this is kinda short. I'm probably forgetting something. There are some events that we're gonna be doing, but the details for those haven't been firmed up yet (also I can't remember them). Wow, I may actually get out of the office before 8 o'clock! That hasn't happened in a while.

Oh! Coming out forms. If you want me to stop talking about it then send in more stories! I WILL REMEMBER THE LINK THIS TIME. 

Spoiler: She did not remember the link, but thankfully realized before sending the email last week.

Okay, two week streak of sending out emails before eight o'clock. But it's only a weekly thing, so in a way it's only a two day streak. Which is the minimum requirement for a streak. I'm gonna get some ramen and watch the same YouTube videos I've watched hundreds if not thousands of times despite having hundreds of videos in my Watch Later playlist that I never watched later. 

Elizabeth Sherrock (she/her)
Director of Marketing
The Moonlight Best Picture meme, which is a man in a tuxedo leaning into a microphone holding up a white card. The card has black text edited on saying: This Meme. Edited and shared by people of twitter, tumblr, reddit, etc.

I was looking at last week's email to shamelessly copy and paste the ending because I'm tired and writing is hard and also I have -0.5% creativity to come up with new ways to combine alphanumeric characters to mention the same items without it falling flat or sounding practically the same so I figured go big or go home, you know? Wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah, so I was looking at last week's email and saw that I said, 

In case you didn't know or it wasn't implied by being included in this email, Moonlight is a gay movie. If I didn't delete the sidebar then I would have put in a Moonlight-winning-best-picture meme. Maybe I'll remember next week.

Here's the sidebar and here's the meme.