From: OUTspoken
Date: October 11, 2020
Subject: There's actually something happening!

Tumblr text post by user tigercobeans which says: transphobes aren't allowed to shop anymore because making a purchase is a trans action ://

Hi. Perhaps you recognize me. It's your favorite Director of Marketing, and I'm sitting in front of the Campus Groups email builder at my laptop, which is always an exciting place to be.

Yeah, it's been a hot minute. There's just...not much to write about? Like there's not as many events this semester. I'm still on the lookout for virtual (and accessible!) events, but I feel like they've sorta died down since the summer. I figured people wouldn't want to read a newsletter where I just talk about my week and what latest antics I've gotten up to (in case you are intrigued, however, I'll have you know that I recently went through a big change in my life. I switched the side of the bed that I sleep on in my apartment. Also a few weeks ago I stepped on my pizza.), so I just haven't written anything. But I have stuff now! At least one thing. I feel like there was another thing, but I may have forgotten. 
Banner shaped image with three sections. On the left is a picture of George M. Johnson, a black person with a beard with their eyes closed and looking up. They are wearing a pink turtleneck, a necklace, and a blue flower crown. The middle is a plain grey

On October 21st from 1:30 pm to 2:20 pm over Zoom, the School of Communication (along with others) will be hosting a discussion with author and activist (and more!) George M. Johnson. I'm going to just copy and paste the description from the event page because this is already going out later than I wanted it to.

George “…writes on topics ranging from Race, Gender, Sex, HIV, Intersectionality, Politics, Culture, Health, and Pop-Culture, and is never afraid to “go there” and ask the tough questions.” Now, it's YOUR chance to ask something you want George's feedback on!
More about George:
George has written on race, gender, sex, and culture for more than 40 major and niche media outlets like Teen Vogue, Entertainment Tonight, NBC, The Root, Ebony, THEM, INTO, The Grio, VSB, Black Youth Project, and several other national media publications. They write on topics ranging from Race, Gender, Sex, HIV, Intersectionality, Politics, Culture, Health, and Pop-Culture, and is never afraid to “go there” and ask the tough questions.

So I have good news and bad news. Good news is you can register for the event through this link! Bad news is that no interpreters have been requested, so if you need access services, it's a DIY sort of situation. 

Also, Happy National Coming Out Day! You may be wondering why I didn't mention this in the beginning of the email. Well it's because I started writing this on Saturday (the 10th) because I had a pretty bad headache for most of the evening on Friday. And then I meant to send it yesterday night, but then Mental Health things happened. You know how it is. But on the bright side, that means I can mention it in this email! So Happy National Coming Out Day from OUTspoken! Whether you're out, not ready yet, or questioning, we're here for you. 

In the spirit of the day, I'm coming out...

...with this email.

I am so sorry.

Elizabeth Sherrock (she/her)
Director of Marketing

Tumblr text post which reads: Today the teacher asked me how I view gay relationships... Apparently

Guess what, we're still hiring for one more position, the coveted Director of Internal Relations. They direct the relations internally. What that means is you sorta handle stuff with our constituent clubs. I feel like I have an example, because our eboard just had something the other week where we said "well if we had a director of internal relations this would go to them, but since we haven't hired one yet, who wants to take it?" but I forgot. Oh whale. I'm kind of low on mental energy because of midterms and stress and a project, so words are hard right now. OH! The application link! That's kind of important. I need to add that somewhere in here. 

We already have the director of programming position filled, but I'm going to wait to introduce the newest member of our eboard until we fill the internal relations position. Maybe I'll do a little intrduction to the eboard thing in a newsletter.