From: OUTspoken
Date: November 15, 2019
Subject: Help me I'm writing this in Safari on my phone


This is a formatting nightmare oh my god

This is gonna be short because it physically pains me to write this on my phone using the email builder made for desktop. I'm at my apartment writing this but my apartment DOES NOT HAVE ANY WIRELESS INTERNET (thanks Park Point! I'm not salty that my internet fee is included in the rent I pay every month and that there is no internet!). I'm real sorry, this is a one time thing, but it will be pretty bare bones.

DYUTR is tomorrow starting at noon in SDC 1300/1310! You can come and go any time in between noon and five, and I will put out schedules for the presentations and panels on our social media. (Not here because images don't work right now.) 

ritGA will be hosting a Friendsgiving event on Friday 11/22 from 5-7 in NRH-1250 and they will be providing the turkey and gravy! Here is a spreadsheet where you can sign up to bring supplies. I hope someone brings banana bread so we can reenact the banana bread discourse from last year.

Two days before that is going to be a joint event with Tangent and ritGA for the Trans Day of Remembrance. It will take place during the normal ritGA meeting time, on 11/20 at 9:00 in NRH-1250. 

Also, I'm back at it again...FILL OUT COMING OUT STORIES FORM!!! We only have eleven right now, and we need more to make queerbook a reality again! Here is the anonymous form, all you need to do is be signed in to your RIT google account. (But we don't record the emails that submitted responses. I can take a screenshot to prove it; I have those receipts.) 

Ryan wants me to let everyone know he's still single but is ready to mingle.

I'm so sorry again about this week's newsletter, this really is a one-time thing and it will be back to normal next week, I promise! If you want to complain about this newsletter though, come to DYUTR tomorrow to do it in real life! 

~ Elizabeth Sherrock (she/her) 
Director of Marketing

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