From: OUTspoken
Date: October 11, 2019
Subject: Nobody told me Domino's partnered with Hatsune Miku

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Was I just supposed to wait for someone to tell me, or did I have to find that out watching vine compilations myself?

Wow, so much happened this week. Now what do I write about...
Well, PridePrints happened today, and also the Pride Parade! Everyone seemed to understand the rainbow, and I helped lead the parade, so basically I'm queen of the gays now. I actually streamed the parade, so you can check out the (captioned) livestream here

Okay, now for the stuff that's happening in the future. WAIT BEFORE THAT I NEED TO TELL YOU ABOUT OUR NEW SUPPLIES! We got thousands, and I mean that in the literal sense, of condoms the other day, and now we have flavored condoms too! Ryan and I made a taste test video where we tried and ranked the flavors of the condoms, and once I'm done editing that video and captioning it, I will post it to our Facebook and maybe Twitter. I'm really excited. Please come and get them, we have so many that I did a photoshoot with the condoms and lube. 

Alrighty, now for the stuff coming up. There will be an LGBTQ+ Greek Life hangout thing on Tuesday the 15th at 8 PM in the Reading Room, which is above SG in the campus center. That reminds me of something I saw a while back when I was looking at Assassin's Creed: Odyssey stuff where people were throwing hissy fits about the fact you could be gay. Someone tried to say that the ancient greeks weren't gay because they were Christian. Yeah, there's like, fifteen things that are wrong with that. One for each of the Ten Commandments of Christianity. 

I feel like there should be more stuff this week that I should mention, but I don't even think there is anything. 

We're still planning the details for these, but save the dates! Q-Fest will be on November 10th, and Do You Understand The Rainbow will be happening November 16th, from noon to five. So, yeah. STD alert! (oh my god we should send out save the dates on our condoms)

Sorry if the newsletter is lacking, I can never tell if it's actually bad or if I'm just being overcritical of myself oops! I'm quite tired from doing all none of my homework last night, and just from having to exist and be percieved by others. 

~ Elizabeth Sherrock (she/her)
Director of Marketing

A picture of Elizabeth laying on the floor of the OUTspoken office in a white shirt and black beanie that says

Snow White who, I'm the fairest in the land. 
Inventory Update

  • Yeah we threw away the chips. And the salsa.
  • We have donut holes left over from Pride Prints!
  • oh my god we have so many condoms please take them
  • No takers of the single sugar packet so far
  • Six tiny iodized salt packets
  • Some noodles in a tiny Ozi container. It's been here a while, so if you don't claim it, I'm gonna cash in the box for that cash money.
  • Update: Ryan is taking the donut holes back home
  • Ryan also says that the flavored condoms count as food because they're flavored. They are NOT gluten free, and have zero grams of trans fat, and OHMYGOD CHOLESTROL.