From: OUTspoken
Date: January 31, 2020
Subject: Allow us to introduce ourselves...

An image macro featuring a screen capture from the television series VeggieTales featuring three anthropomorphic scallions saying the phrase, Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Does anybody else remember that Eddie Murphy movie with the tree which would lose a leaf for every word he said or is that just some fever dream?

That's sort of how I feel when I try to write this newsletter, but instead of words it's random quips and dry humor that captivate my audience. Okay, that probably made -5% sense, but at least you're reading this now.

Also, I'm going to be playing around with different ways of formatting this email again, so any and all feedback about that is appreciated so I don't overthink the heck out of it like I am right now.
Poster with a black background and a rainbow circle outline in the middle of the poster. In the circle is an illustration of a rainbow pride flag crossed with a hockey stick. At the top of the poster there is white and orange text that says

Women's club hockey pride night is upon us! You don't even have to know hockey things to have fun, you can just go and vibe with us. Tomorrow at 5:30 in Ritter arena!

If you can't make it tomorrow, we'll also be tabling at the LGBTQ+ Health Fair on Monday, from 11 to 2 in the Fireside Lounge. Still vibing. Well, not one continuous vibe, because there's a break in between the hockey game and the health fair.

Rainbow Week Hosted by ritGA Powerpoint Karaoke: Monday 2/3, 7 PM, HAC 1320 Sock Puppets: Tuesday 2/4, 7 PM, HAC-1325, Bring your own snacks! Pizza night: Wednesday 2/5, 9 PM, NRH 1250 Dodgeball: Thursday 2/6, 8 PM, HAC Main Gym, Court 4 Gayme night: Frid

ritGA's Rainbow Week

Monday, February 3
Start End   Event         Location
6:30pm 8:30pm Powerpoint Karaoke HAC-1320 Classroom (GP-P)
Tuesday, February 4
6:30pm 8:30pm Sock Puppet Night HAC-1325 Classroom (GP-P)
Thursday, February 6
8:00pm 10:00pm Dodgeball - RitGA Rainbow Week HAC-A450 Main Gym Court 4
Friday, February 7
8:00pm 12:00am RitGA Rainbow Week Game Night SHH-1016 Sol Activity Room

So the two events not listed in this event table is Wednesday, which is just at ritGA's normal meeting time and place, and Saturday ice skating which is cancelled.

Poster with grey/snowy background. Large text says: TRANSFORM YOUR VOICE. A picture of the trans symbol in a pink, purple, and blue gradient is in the middle left of the poster with text above it saying Gender Affirming Voice & Communication Sessions. Bel

Transform Your Voice, a gender affirming voice and communication session group, has started! Click the poster to go where the QR code would take you if you're interested in joining!

Oh, yeah, it's that time of the email again. Queerbook Coming Out Stories Form! Please. Even if it's just a ramble, that's perfectly fine.

When I started writing this email, the UK was part of the European Union, and now that I'm finishing it, they're not. A multinational political and economic union lost a country in the time it took me to write this. I think I'm spending more time on these newsletters than necessary.

Elizabeth Sherrock (she/her)
Director of Marketing


Last meeting we realized that we never actually introduced our eboard, we kinda just started, so here is our eboard!

Ryan standing next to the Ritchie mascot in front of the liberal arts hall, both givng the camera two thumbs up.

Ryan (he/him) President

This is Ryan, a fourth year ASL interpreting major who is also our president. He really likes Megamind.

A stick figure drawn in Microsoft Paint with a black smiley face, dark green pants, black boots, black crop top, and pink undercut.

Ada (she/her) Vice President

Ada didn't specify which picture of hers she wanted me to use, so I did an artistic rendition of our vice president in Microsoft paint. She's a software engineering major who tries to get me to go home on Fridays when I'm staying too late in the office writing the newsletter.

Marissa (she/her) Director of Stonks Finance

Marissa is a digital humanities and social sciences major, the person who knows how money works, and the person in charge of buying snacks, which ends up being most of my diet based on how much time I spend in here at odd hours.

Elizabeth (she/her) Director of Marketing

And I thought "oh geez, that's me!" One night over winter break I was feeling depressed, so I went up to my bathroom and used a green eyeliner pencil thing to color my face so I looked like Shrek. There was green on my face for two days after I washed it off. Oh, I'm a second year computer science major. I make the memes, do the designs, and run the social media.

Colton (he/they) Director of Internal Relations (part 2)

Colton is director of internal relations part two: electric boogaloo. He's a chemical engineering major, and probably part VSCO girl. He can sign "sksksksksksksk" really fast.