From: OUTspoken
Date: June 4, 2021
Subject: It's Pride Time!

Tumblr text post by adri-le-chat that reads: this pride im going to become an evil scientist and if you try to stop me, you're homophobic.

I saw a funny meme the other day and wanted to include it as the header image for this newsletter because it was pride month themed and very funny but now I can't find it so I'm sorry but please believe me it was hilarious

Happy Pride!!!!! I know I said on social media that I would write the newsletter on the first, but then some travel plans changed last minute so I was in the car for the rest of the night, then the next day after work I had dinner with some high school color guard friends (guardies wya), and then yesterday after work I was feeling blegh, so here I am today. Wow, aren't you glad you chose to read this? I bet you've missed my riveting stories.

I would love to say that this will be somewhat organized, but that would be a lie. I have a bunch of stuff that I wanted to put in here, but because of how CampusGroups does email formatting, I can't really mess around with organization. So I'll try to at least put headers. And put the memes at the bottom. I don't know how regularly I will be sending out newsletters over the summer, but I at least wanted to get one out at the beginning of Pride month.

Okay, here we go!

Free Video Game!

For my fellow gamers, you might like this: Tell Me Why, a game with a trans main character is free until the end of June! It's available for Windows 10 (whatever that means. I'm just listing the choices they had on the website), Xbox One, and Steam. I just added it to my Steam library, but now I'm leaning towards playing it on my Xbox because performance and last time I installed Steam on my laptop, my laptop uninstalled Steam by itself. I guess I could have it on both. After all, I did the same thing with Dishonored...okay you don't need to read all of this rambling. You can check it out here.

A necklace made out of a washer that is painted to look like a rainbow pride flag. The washer necklace is attached to leather cordage.

Washer Pride Necklace

I've been browsing Instructables looking for a summer project and stumbled on a cute DIY pride necklace made out of a washer. I'm not usually a jewelry type of gal, but I would love to make this and wear it. The tutorial gives you all the information you need on materials and how to make it, so enjoy! (Also I feel like if we can safely do events next year this would be a really fun OUTspoken craft night...)

Rochester Pride Events

Trillium has compiled a list of Rochester Pride events on their website, with events from June to September. I think they'll be adding events as they are notified, so check back for updates! From flag raising to drag shows to a day at the zoo, there's all sorts of cool stuff going on!

Okay, three hours have passed between that last section and this. I'm very tired, but that was gonna be the last section before the end/memes anyway. I'm trying to find pride memes that already have image descriptions or ones that are text based since I probably can't write image descriptions myself right now. May the harvest be fruitful, and may you enjoy the content below. (Does that sentence make sense? I don't know. I don't even know if that's what I was trying to convey and write but Words are hard and I am tired.

Well, happy Pride, and check out our social media for more content this summer!

Elizabeth Sherrock
Director of Marketing
Tweet by Janel Comeau (@VeryBadLlama) that reads: my elderly Egyptian Uber driver happily informed me that he
Tumblr text post by c0rrraaazzz0n that says: this pride month, we are ALL disney's first gay character.

a digital drawing of eight koi fish swimming in a circle around a sign that reads "happy pride!". They're coloured like pride flags. The one in the middle over the sign with the rainbow one and from the top clockwise are: lesbian, trans, gay men
(Art credit/original link)

Don't know how many of you use Facebook (and if you should you should totally follow our Facebook page. Hint hint.), but I've seen some groups for LGBTQ+ people with similar interests and I personally find those really interesting, so I thought maybe some of you would as well! Reminder to please respect that these are closed spaces only for certain people, so if you are not Black, don't join the Black Lesbian Bikers, if you're cis, don't join Trans Musicians, etc.