From: OUTspoken
Date: March 27, 2020
Subject: A rabbit came up to me today. I'm basically a Disney princess.

Plain black background with large white text saying I CAN'T READ in all caps.

Molly just informed me that the big bottle of soap in our bathroom is finally empty. Just a little peek into my exciting life as Director of Marketing.

Okay, it's time to address the elephant in the room. I didn't send out a newsletter on March 6th. I'm sorry! My last class ended at four, and I had to catch a bus to Virginia at 4:30. Oh yeah, and everything is wack.

In these uncertain times, the responsibility of lighting up your lives falls on my feeble, non-muscular, more-often-that-not-tensed shoulders. This newsletter is about to become way more chaotic. A wise little boy named CJ said, "Liz you should just create newsletters about you. Just send us a biweekly life update." I said nobody would be interested in that, but then Nate busted out some fancy vocabulary and said that was an "untested hypothesis." I'll try not to let it come to that. Well, more than it already has with my heading about the soap status of my restroom.

Just because we have been forcibly removed from campus doesn't mean OUTspoken won't be doing stuff. Especially me. I mean, really, I'm kind of in the perfect position for this, certainly way better than the rest of the eboard. Marissa can't really do much as Director of Finance because of a bunch of money stuff being frozen. Colton is Director of Internal Relations, but the point of this is to be limiting relations with people. (that sounded sexual. I'm very sorry.) I suppose he's got the "internal" part down pretty well right now, though. Ryan and Ada, well I'm still not sure exactly what they do in general, so I really can't offer any commentary there. But me? I'm riding high. Yeehaw.
Picture of a dog wearing a red hat shaped like a lobster over a background of clouds. Purple text at the top says Make reasonable life choices.I want people's input on what they would like to see in these newsletters and from OUTspoken in general. Like thoughts about virtual office hours, or maybe LGBTQ+ media recommendations, anything like that. I'm formulating an idea in that big brain of mine about how we could still do something for Pride Prints/Trans Day of Visibility. (I just looked at the date in the bottom corner of my computer and realized I should probably pick up the pace on that considering it's in a few days...) What if we had virtual game nights? Cards against humanity online? Or maybe watch parties! Wow, I'm really galaxy braining right now. Email us, hit us up on social media.

On the real, I know that this sucks. Some of you were unexpectedly shoved back in the closet and are being called the wrong name, being referred to with the wrong pronouns. I can't know how that truly feels because I've used the same name and pronouns my whole life and my parents are supportive, (Especially my mom, she took a pronoun pin from the office, and bought a book about asexuality to learn more about that part of me. She reads the newsletters! Hi Mom! Sorry about not answering your texts for six hours. Also, I'll pick up the package tomorrow.) so I won't pretend otherwise. But I do know that people need that, so we're here if that's something that you may not have right now.

Not usually serious on main like that, so here have another humorous image.
A message in a blue bubble that says life isnt anime john wake up and smell the taxes

Okay, I'm gonna go now. I'm actually feeling passionate about writing and art again for the first time in a while, so I want to get back to that. Or continue rewatching Brooklyn Nine Nine while I drink my apple juice. Let's be real, it will most likely be the second one.

Elizabeth Sherrock (she/her)
Director of Marketing