From: OUTspoken
Date: October 4, 2019
Subject: Sorry this is late, I was watching Russian Dash Cam videos for two hours

The OUTspoken web banner. There are rainbow hexagons on a white background and the OUTspoken logo is placed above red, yellow, green, and blue lines.

There were Initial D meme songs* put over the video footage and I loved it.

Hey there demons, it's ya boi, and wow we have hit some milestones this week! First of all, we hit 69 followers on Instagram the other day, which is nice. (Global Union decided to give us a shoutout purely because of my post for that.) Apparently my callout worked, because guess how much of an open rate we got for the last email? 69%. Very nice. Okay on to the serious stuff (which ends up being a meme anyway let's be real). 

ritGA apple picking is happening on 10/26! I said that in the last email (along with "uwu") but saying it again now. And you know what they say about apples: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I can confirm this is true because I didn't eat an apple today and I went to get a flu shot and saw a doctor there. 

We have a bunch of stuff happening this month, so much so that I won't type it out here partly because that would be a lot of words and also I want to go back to my apartment and play some old video games. I'll include the poster (with alt text) because that's way easier for my tiny brain. (Speaking of brain sizes, I'm sorry Ryan, no Megamind meme because I don't want to make a subpar meme in a rush. I want it to be good quality and have it be what I envision.) But the Q Center is doing lots of really cool stuff this week, like hosting a Queer Sex Talk, screening of the documentary Major!, and Pride Prints with OUTspoken! Huh, I guess I actually ended up typing it out... (come to Pride Prints please I spent hours working on the poster and I really need some validation in terms of things I can quantify so it's harder for my hell brain to tell me I'm bad. It's 10/11 at the Infinity Quad from noon to 3:30.)

Keep sending in your coming out stories everyone! We have a Google Form to fill out, and we will eventually use them to make our very own Queerbook at the end of the year! So feel free to tell us here. I know I can't wait to tell everyone about how I came out to my mom while eating McDonald's. 

One more link is coming your way; Emma, the counselor at the Q Center, sent out this survey to get a better idea of what the community would benefit from and how to help us better. (We all need help, don't try and deny it, we're all disasters. Or maybe I'm just projecting onto others so I feel better about myself.) 

Ada is yelling at me to go home now (and now she saw her name and is trying to read what I'm typing) because I started this at seven and now it's 8:00. Apparently people still like these newsletters, which makes me extremely happy. Hope this one is not signifigantly lower quality than the others, I had four exams in three days and considering I can barely even count to four, that's a lot for me to handle so I'm pretty drained. 

~ Elizabeth Sherrock (she/her)
Director of Marketing

*examples include Running in the 90s, Deja Vu, and Gas Gas Gas.

White poster with text reading: Q Center October Events. Stonewall 50 Celebration.  03 Into the ROC Lavender tour*. 4 PM, Gleason Circle.  04 Grey Matter: Does God Hate Queers?* 12 PM MOSAIC center.  07 Safe Zone Special Topics* 2:15-4 PM. SAU-2510 (MOSAI
At the top is red text, all capitalised, that says NO GENDER. Below the text is a box with a black outline and inside says, in black text: THIS IS A GENDER-FREE ZONE. Below the box in smaller black text: ALL GENDERS WILL BE DESTROYED ON SIGHT. In the bott
Update on the inventory: the pinapples have been